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I am starting the install on my 2004 Ford Ranger FX4 Ext. Cab. I have finally made my decision on the equipment I will be using. <p> deck-Eclipse AVN6620<p> Phoenix Gold 15x Eq<p>Amplifiers Alpine PDX 4.100 and PDX 1.600<p> Front stage Morel Hybrid Ovation 6" with a mt-23 tweeter<p> Rear doors JL 6" subs<p>Subwoofer- JL audio 13w5 thin mount 13 subwoofer<p>I have started the box. The JL sub only needs .80 cu ft. so I am making a box that will go on the back wall of the truck. I went and bought a sheet of mdf and worked until the rain hit. More pics soon.
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