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Hi all,

I have an King Ranch F250, completely stock, that I would like to start upgrading.
I have never done car audio before, so no advice is too simple or basic.

I would like a SQL setup. Best sound possible on a (somewhat) budget.
I would like to keep the stock look.

Head Unit:
Don't need touch screen nav etc., just aux in and radio. Extras are bonus.
Would like to keep steering wheel control is possible.
I don't quite understand what I need for preamp outputs.
Would power 2 door, 2 rear, and 2 subs.
Ideas - Pioneer DEH-P9400BH (Would this be overkill for my needs?)

6"x8" stock, would 6"x9" or 6.5" be better (with adapter)?
Ideas - None

Same as doors.

Simple behind rear seat box, either 2 x 8" or 2 x 10".
Want clean, tight bass, then loudness.
Ideas - IDMax(High end) or other (cheaper recommendations?)

Choice depends on above

Again, any help is appreciated.
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