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A customer dropped off his Toyota Tundra for a new radio and back up camera.
We went with a Sony XAV-AV5600 head unit and an Audiovox ACA800 camera.
A pretty straight forward install.
Did a little Techflex on the camera wired and heatstrink on all the connection points.

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Drilled a couple holes under the existing mounting holes for the license plate.
Added in C-clip fasteners and stainless steal hardware to hold the camera bracket in case the license plate needed to me removed.
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Took the reverse trigger from the drivers side reverse light. Added a male/female insulated spade connecter so the camera could be disconnected if needed.
The main wire (red w/blue stripe) was not cut, just the sheathing trimmed back to connect the spade connector. Then both where heatshrinked and zip tied.
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And that wraps this one up.
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