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So I am gearing up to rebuild my 07 Cabalt SS. I will be running an active thrre way front stage and looking for a very SPL capable sub stage. My setup will be:

clarion CZ702
280a Altenator
Two D4700 batts
PPI BK800.4 - Bridged to SLS 8's
PPI 340.4 - Bridged to FR 88ex's
PPI BK210.2 - To RS28a's
Soundstream RUB1.2500d - To subs

I have been eyeballing three 12's sealed... IE Type R 12's right at 3.25 cubes

As well I am really liking the small enclosure (2.25-2.75 cubes) that 3 DAYTON HO 10's offer.

My goal is to fire these into the cab so I am limited Horizontally to about 40 inches. as well if I port them it will either fire into cab or through the rear deck. Once I get to lying the false floor and such I will know.

So if you have used the HO's or the Type R's in these formats please shed your opinoin.

As well If you have used the HO 10 ported....Will 3 of them take a solid 2KW daily?

PS: the dayton enclosure is large, as I want some SPL bump in the design. I will be showing this car off and peoples like bump...oops i mean rap, lol
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