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2007 Porsche 997.1 Turbo Build

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Had great success reading and learning from this forum for my BMW install. It was my first time using the MS-8 but combined with the stock head unit plus a compliment of speakers from JL, I am happy with the system. The install was smooth because the parts fit well and sound great. 8" flat subs from kicker under the seats, 4" components, 2X 12w3s in the trunk. JL amps.

I recently bought 997.1 Turbo. Not much DIY information on this car, since most guys with these cars have too much money ;)

I still have a 900/5 sitting on the bench so will use that.

I am thinking MS-8 with focal P165V33 for the doors and a single 12w7 with a JL1000/1.

My big questions:
1)Ive never bought nice subs. I have had mid range IDQs in my vette, the w3s in the BMW.. really want to try a single nice sub with a lot of power. I like my music to thump but it has to be clean. Something that can handle 750-1000rms
2) Is the MS8 worth the cost with no center channel?
3) any luck integrating with the stock head unit? I never been all that pleased with aftermarket navigation head units. ALpine seems to have their act together now-a-days though.

Any other input from guys that have done Porsche installs welcome!

Edit: Also considering a tablet as a head unit. I use in wall galaxy tablets to run a lot of my smart home..
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Alpine X008U+PXAH800. Run optical. Fit's great in your dash and gives you the processing you need.
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