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Same story as a lot of folks...big into card audio back in the late 80s / early 90s. Last gear I bought new was Alpine IVA-C800, Alpine DD Drive components on a RF 200x2 and a Kicker KX600.1 running a Kicker L7 12 in a big ole ported enclosure in the hatch of my Durango. Had the Durango for years till I traded it for my Super Duty about 3 years ago. Sold all my old gear for pennies and thought I was done with car audio...till my son turned 16 and wanted to put a "system" in his truck.:surprised: Anyway, here I am assembling mine again. Got an awesome deal on some JBL EZ amps from a member here and I'm on my way.

What I have so far:
  • Pioneer AVH-4600BT
  • Image Dynamics XS-57 for the front doors
  • JBL GTO 504EZ for the ID
  • JBL GTO 1001EZ for sub(s)
  • Very limited space behind the seat for an enclosure
Only installed the Pioneer running the stock speakers. Will deaden and seal the doors of course and probably do 1/0 welding cable to 4 gauge for power/ground. Amps under the rear seat.

Figure I'll be able to get to the rest of the build in the next couple months depending on weather here and work travel schedule. Anyway, looking for sub recommendations.

Found this pre-fab box that's designed for my truck. Seems OK. I know there's a few others out there and I don't feel like building a box at first. May re-do later, but for now I'll get this one unless there are other recommendations:

Ford F-250/F-350 Supercrew Cab 08-14 Triple BTS Subwoofer Box
Relevant specs:
  • Fits two or three 8 or 10 inch subwoofers
  • Fits two 12 inch shallow mount subwoofer
  • Air Space = .50 cubic foot Per Sub (.70 per sub for dual cutouts
  • Mono chamber
  • Mounting Depth = 5.25"

So, knowing that the JBL 1001EZ is rated for 1000rms @ 2ohm and the sealed space available from the SCS box, please help me pick some subs to fill it.

I don't really want three subs and the weird impedence loads that brings so either two 10's or 12's. I've tried to demo some locally and even when I travel for work and have only been able to listen to the Kenwood shallows. I've considered in no particular order:

Sundown SD2-10 (.7 looks a little small for the SD2-12)
Maybe Sundown SD3-10
Rockford P3S10 or 12
Alpine Type R shallow 10 or 12
Pioneer shallow

Don't have a specific budget in mind. Listen to all kinds of music from old school country which sub doesn't matter much for to 80's and current rock and metal. Very little rap unless I pull out some old school stuff to satisfy my inner but older basshead.

Not looking to compete and doubt I'll be chasing the soundstage that is true SQ. I just like it loud in the vehicle but clear. So if that's SPL then so be it.

Not interested in JL and worried the SI MkIV won't have enough output for me. Leaning towards either two Type R 12's or Sundown 10's.
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