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Hey guys,

Been a long time since I have posted, but looking for some help for a coworker.

He has a 2008 Sequoia with the JBL premium audio package. Pretty sure it is the 14/1 speaker package Looking for straight basic information through to advanced stuff.

Amp(s) and location (s)?

All speakers powered via amps or combination of HU and amp (s)?

Route to upgrade? He wants to keep the factory HU and not be too invasive, but wants more power. He has the 4 captain's chair package. It is really a damn nice SUV.

Any links to wiring diagrams and or installation threads is appreciated. I can't seem to find anything worth a damn via my brief searches.

Thanks in advance

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No hands on experience with Sequoia so some basic info for ya.

This 2007 wiring diagram is probably very similar if not exactly the same as the 2008. 2005-2007 Toyota Sequoia without DVD with JBL Wiring Information

Amps stealth? If so then under the seats or in the rear cargo area on the sides. Makes a fake wall, might lose a pocket or cubby, but oh well right. Or, I don't know where the factory amps are but the replacement amps might fit there (class D).

All amp power. It's too cheap these days not too.

Using an DSP unit like the MS-8 or similar will get the most out of the OEM HU signal. But adds a chunk of change to the budget.

Determine what he wants for speakers. 2-way up front? With rear door speakers? Subs?
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