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Im looking into two different setups in my truck and going with smaller class D amps. Wondering if I could get some opinions on a couple of setups. My goal is a SQ system and would like to run an active setup. Music taste are a little bit of everything but mainly heavier music...Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, etc.

2008 Toyota Tundra Double Cab

Head Unit
Pioneer 4300DVD looking to trade out to the new pioneer

Front Speakers in kick panels(already have both sets)
Alpine SPX-17pro
mixing these sets. Using the alpine tweeters and the PPI mids since Ive heard the mids on the alpine set lack a little

No Rear Fill or just driven off of headunit

Amps (undecided which way to go)
2 amp setup
Precision Power P900.4 - 145wattsX4 @ 4ohms
P1000.1 - [email protected],[email protected], 1,[email protected]
JL Audio XD700/5 - [email protected] and [email protected]

Looking at keeping it simple and running an alpine SBR-S83V Type R 8" preloaded box rated for 300 watts at a 2ohm load. Perfect match for the XD but would that be to much power from the P1000.1? Or running two type r 8s in a sealed enclosure or even checking out the new Type S 10-12" subs. Im open to suggestions on other subs but they will have to be on the shallower side. Sub needs to go under rear seat with only a 6 inch clearance for the box.

My other concerns with the amps are the power to the front components. I have read that the mids on the SPX-17pros are very power hungry. Would the 75 watts from the XD be enough to drive these in a active system or would I be better with the P900.4 at 145 watts per channel? Would the 900.4 be to much power to the tweeters?

Even toyed with the idea of later putting 8" midbasses in the doors but that complicates everything a little bit and not sure if it would be worth it? Open to suggestions.

Thoughts,opinions for the system?? Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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