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2008 Trailblazer SS: Finally :)

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Well, I have owned the products for probably close to a year in total. I haven't installed the dynaudio speakers yet because I am waiting on the new crossovers. I also, haven't uploaded any of my photos (cannot find the cord) but I will find it later and I will post some of how it looks now.

So far what I have done is run all the power wire, all the RCA's, the speaker wire. I put in some deadening in the rear of the truck, and I installed the AVN6620 in the dash today. I wired up my OZ ME12 and I am powering it with my Celestra 2150, so far, I am very happy with just the stock bose setup with the sub playing the lows for me, I can only imagine how much I am going to like it after I get the dyns in :laugh:

I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to this stuff, I will be the first to admit it, so this thread will be for my photos as well as a way for me to ask questions related to tuning and such. At first, I set my LPF crossover at 50hz, the sub would sound great with rap/hip hop but I listen mostly to rock. I turned it up to probably 70hz or so (well, whatever a couple clicks would be) and it seems to be a little more "accurate". Does that seem right?

Sorry for the lack of photos, I will have some later I promise.
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What are you using for processing? Or are you using the HU or amp?
for the sub right now I am using the crossover on the amp and the settings in the AVN. I haven't looked into what the AVN can do really, I was just trying to get it sounding "good enough" for the time being.
Yea, you can just use the xover on the AVN6620 to lowpass the subwoofer, no need to use both unless you want to
50Hz is definitely too low. You should try higher than 70Hz, too.
well good deal, maybe I shall crank the knob up a little more. Thanks guys. Its dark out now so i cannot take some photos. Tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat nice out, maybe I'll wash it and take some overall photos of everything! There is only ONE thing I am not 100% happy about... That would be that the AVN does not sit flush like the stock radio, I couldn't get it too, too deep :(
I was waiting to see this... seen my build log yet, i'm rollin on it to..
The wife and I would really like to have a Trailblazer SS, but the mpg is the killer with those. She has informed me that she cannot stand to drive anything without some POWER.:laugh: That was after she carpooled with her mom the past 2 weeks in mom's PT Cruizer (= can't get out it's own way:p). So, she'll just have to keep driving her Supercharged Regal.:p Waiting on install progress pics.
Just a quick "me too" on this... I kept the factory 6 disc in-dash unit on my '08 TBSS and tapped into the low level inputs to the Bose amp in the passenger rear quarter. I soldered RCA wires to the factory low level lines and ran them daisy chained to the amps. This is what took the most time since I also used the factory front speaker outputs to go from my amps in the back up to the stock speaker locations. I'm using a leftover JL250/1 and my old FR Punch 60ix for the front stage. I used HiVi separates (the <$200 Madisound deal for the 6.5's) on the RF amp and kept the factory rear door speakers running off the Bose amp with an inline cap to cut their bass.

My sub is a Dayton HO 10" in a prefab box, which was enough to fill out the bottom for me. I had to relocate the air pump switch and fitting with this. I just drilled the trim panel for the air fitting and relocated the switch into the rear floor compartment.

The install was surprisingly easy once I realized that Chevy was nice enough to run a large gauge fused power wire to the distribution box under the driver rear seat. No need to fish anything through the firewall! Both amps and the passive XO's for the front fit nicely in the rear floor compartment, completely hidden.
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alright these are the only real photos I have as of right now.

no real progress photos if you will, I will post some step by step when I go into deadening the doors and such.

Starting up front:

This is the fuse holder, I attached it to the side of the battery box, actually worked out VERY well. I still need to get some techflex/wire loom to cover the wire in, but that will come with time. Everything is just kind of thrown together right now so I can get it done. I still don't have the GPS antenna or either of my other celestra amps installed. I have a good weeks worth of work still ahead of me.


Here's the AVN in the dash, forgot my keys inside, so no powered up shots quite yet :)

My pet peeve: It's not flush, and I dont think it can be. I moved the mounting position to allow for the unit to sit further inside the dash and it hits some material that is part of the inner structure. I could PROBABLY cut it out, but I don't know if it's worth it.

Last but not least, the sub. I made the front baffle of the box, it is covered in suede. It is wired at at 2 ohm load and bridged to my celestra 2150. Says it should see about 700 watts or so. I am pretty happy with the output of it.

(Go Sparty! :))

So far, so good. I've got some rattles to take care of, but I have the products that will assist in that. The sub has good response, but I am really quite new to the whole thing. I cannot tell if it's the sub that cannot keep up, or the factory Bose stuff. Something sounds kind of "muddy" to me. I am going to assume it's the Bose stuff. There are no photos of the amps because they will be mounted on the back of the box, I would love to show them off but really don't have the room/ability to do that. I am already a little "meh" about giving up all my cargo.

Hope you enjoyed my BOOK of a post. whew.
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Almost forgot, here is the truck itself. She is dirty right now, i cannot tell if it's going to rain or be nice, there's been a chance of rain all week. No real mods as of yet, 20% tint on the front windows. I put some carbon fiber overlays on the "SS" badges. Black bowtie, HID's in the fogs and low beams. Basis stuff really. I am debating right now over getting some 22's for it or getting rid of it for another sports car. I miss my Trans Am and I am considering getting into a Vette. The funny part is that if I do that, all this stuff would be coming back OUT of the truck.

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so after all that you ended up with oem bose? lol. good to see some progress for ya though.
only until I get my crossovers for my two way. then the dyns each mw172 and md130 will be powered by it's own celestra!

just waiting on dynaudio on that one :)
How do you like your SS? Was looking into getting one for my daily driver sometime...
it's a nice truck. Gas mileage is OKAY to say the best. I get about an average of 16 on the stock tune. A few upgrades and they say you can improve a little as long as you don't drive like a mad man. It's a brick that's for sure. Like I said I miss my Trans Am mainly because it was ungodly fast. They have problems, I needed a new rear end at 2500 miles, and that was with everyday normal driving. Needed a new wiper motor, and they are prone to rock chips. If you can badger your dealer into it they will repaint and install a rock protection on the bottom portion of the truck. Overall, I love the truck. I am just in a never ending debate over whether I want a car again or not. If not, it will look similar to this very soon:

*Minus the red calipers*
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Some of them give out after just a few miles. I believe what happened is the used a cheapo product in them for lubrication, and it gives out. I only say this because the first step to fixing it is a flush, and an implementation of a higher grade product. If that doesn't work, and the grinding/whining continues, they replace the entire thing.
I love those TB SS's, sporty yet keeps all the utility and they look great.
Here is some pic's of my SS. I have an Alpine 9887, HAT Clarus 61-2 comps, American Bass amps, IDQ12 V.3, Iraggi 220 amp alt., 1/0 wire, and lots of sound deadner. My next step is either a supercharger or head cam setup. I have all the bolt-ons up to this point. Got a dyno tune a month ago and it put down 363hp and 369tq. I also get 18 mpg. New 22" flat black replicas in the mail.

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I will not be deadening quite that much! I do plan on taking the front seats out and hitting the floor there. The back is done up just as yours is, but I won't be removing the headliner. I really don't feel like going through the hassle.

The replicas are a great looking wheel, I still don't know if I will get them or not. I actually have a guy that wants to trade me for a corvette, a beautiful corvette. Pending I can get a couple things worked out I will PROBABLY go for it haha. If not, let the progress continue eh.
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