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2010 Fusion SQ Installation Thread

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I figured I would start a progress thread for my custom stereo project. Little info:

-2010 Fusion Sport FWD w/Sony 12 Speaker Stereo (no navigation)

-To fill in the freq curve gaps the stock stereo misses
-Bring the stage up in front of the driver
-Clean/Simple install to resemble a factory appearance

-Alpine F1 SPX-Z18T 3-way X-overs
-Alpine F1 [Tweeter]
-Bohlender Graebener Neo8-PDR Planar Transducer ( Graebener Neo8-PDR Planar Transducer | neo8pdr planar tweeter ribbon tweeter planar transducer) [Mid-range]
-Tang Band W5-1138SM 5-1/4" Neodymium Subwoofer ( Band W5-1138SM 5-1/4" Neodymium Subwoofer | subwoofer 5-1/4" subwoofer neodynium subwoofer tangband tb speakers tangband-22008) [Midbass]

-No Rear Fill


-US Acoustics 2150 2x150 @ 4ohm RMS [Front Stage]
-US Acoustics 2075 1x240 @ 4ohm RMS [Sub] (I realize the sub w/present a 2ohm load in parallel, if I run into issues I will swap out the sub for the IDQ12D2)

-Alpine CDA-9833 3way Crossover/Time Correction/EQ

Installation Basics:
-Alpine F1 Tweeter in stock location
-The Planar Mid-Range is going to be molded into the A-Pillar
-Midbass will be install in the stock front door midbass location
-Doors will be sound deadened
-Subwoofer will be installed in a cylinder shaped enclosure in the spare tire well sized so a full 18" Sport wheel/tire (spare) and be placed over top of the box as a speaker grill.
-Trunk floor will be raised 4" to account for the added full spare height, along with speaker volume requirements.
-Amps to be installed under raised floor
-Access hole to be cut in stock carpet floor cover to expose the full spare w/sub inside
-Stock subs to be removed.
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Removed Stock Spare Mount:

Painted Bare Metal. I'm going to install studs there to fasten the new enclosure:
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Check out the box/amp rack construction!

1st Coat of resin jelly:

2nd coat:

Amp Rack:

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Test fit of box/amps/spare:

Amp rack has studs that fasten down to stock trim mounting tabs.

Well be building a crossover tray off the front of the amp rack. Then using 1/2 plywood to create a top (carpeted) w/spare exposed.

Box needs to have a fiberglass bottom baffle constructed, and then carpeted.

It's great progress for only 5hrs work!
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That sub enclosure looks awesome! Can't wait to see the progress.
Thanks! I'm very happy with the way it came out. After some more glassing it'll be time to wrap it in automotive carpet. Figures the install I would be most proud to show off is going to be 95% hidden. Oh well ;).

Reminds me, I need to pick up some more resin jelly during lunch today.
wow now thats an organized introduction! good luck looks great so far
Bout time someone with a car like mine came on here. :thumbsup:

Did you get permission to post my arm??? wtf!
Did you get permission to post my arm??? wtf!
Haha. Thought that was Sasquatch!

Oh ya, Brian (turbo5upra) is helping on this install.
Just ordered the cabinet/false floor carpet, enclosure foam dampening sheet, and some 4 conductor speaker wire!
very nice craftsmanship ... looking forward to seeing more
Progress will be slow until black friday. I'm going to putz around with it a bit during lunch hours but with my house remodeling projects are taking up any free time.

I'm setting aside black friday to finish up most of the fabrication work left.
Small updates today. During my lunch hour I cut and routed out the planar midrange speaker rings!

Still needs some sanding...
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You're telling me. They are like 4" x 8" x 3/4" in the rings. Going to flush them into the pillars but there will be a bump out on each side. More install pics to come when I work on it tomorrow during lunch.

Planars sound phenominal as mids! I had a buddy here running them in his scion. Crisp and clean!
More updates!

I temp installed my extra set of pillars in the car and marked where I thought I wanted them. Afterwards I noticed one of my marks was 3/8" lower than the other so I worked to square them up. At first I used the bandsaw to cut the trim panels... really wasn't needed. 3 passes with a sharp utility blade cut em like butter. Anyway, here's some pics of them tacked with hot glue. I'll get some pics of them mocked up in the car after work.

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