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I have some knowledge how to install a stereo into a car; however, this is a new car for me and a new type of stereo.
I have a few questions if anyone can help me. First about my car
It is a Lt series, with no does have a unit in it that tells me about the tire pressure, oil level etc...that is connected to my steering wheel. The system is not pioneer

Does anyone on here own a 2010 HHR and have installed a new stereo into it?
If so can you tell me how much room I have to work with behind the stereo console area?
I want to put this unit in my car....7"In Dash 2Din Car DVD Player GPS Navigation Stereo+CAM | eBay

I know its not name brand but I have heard good things about it...if anyone owns one like this please let me know your review...

I need to know I use a double-din dash kit if this unit would fit
What adapter harness would I need? I heard some people have lost their door chime, which obviously, I need that to keep the car inspected without the proper harness for cars with onstar and I assume that the panel in my guage are that tells me how the car is doing and is connected to the steering wheel is LAN...I dont want to lose that either...but can I install a regular adapter and keep all the other things working?

Is their a specific antenna I need?

I want to install a license plate type mirror on the car...does anyone know how to do this without making a hole in the bumper?

Thanks for all your help!!!!
Sorry for the amount of questions! I weirdly enough do know how to connect what wires to what when it comes to wiring without the adapters...its just way easier to have one!
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