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This will be my first build, so I am open to any and all suggestions and criticism. I am a hands on person so I'm excited to do this, I still have a lot of research to do but I have been browsing this board and others for quite some time now. I want a sound quality build and I hope to stay around the $1,500 mark total. My goal is sound quality while staying with the factory head unit retaining SYNC and bluetooth features. It's going in a 2010 SCREW F150 XLT, no NAV but has the integrated audio with SYNC.

List so far:
Front doors: Infinity Kappa 680.9cs
Rear doors: Infinity Kappa 682.9cf

RF Punch 500.4 (or 400.4 depending on some further research and input on my components)
RF Punch 300.1

Open to suggestions! I wanna stay in the power range that the 300.1 offers and preferably something that is already enclosed in a box. I looked into a flat box JL 8w3 that got good reviews and seemed promising, just was worried that the 300.1 would over power it.

RF 3Sixty.2

Want a reasonably priced option, hopefully someone can chime in on some decent priced brands.

Big 3 Mod:
With the power I am looking to use here is the Big 3 sufficient without a new battery?

Thanks guys look forward to devising a plan and once the build undergoes I will provide plenty of pictures and videos. Look forward to chatting it up with everyone and learning as much as I can!
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