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The Long:

I used to have a 2008 Mazda3. I added a Cleansweep, front amp and sub w/amp myself and had Cascade and HSK 165s installed in the front doors. I noticed a great decrease in road noise when the front doors were deadened, and the Hertz carried themselves well enough I went with an empty trunk a lot. My only two issues were the off-axis tweeter placement and the lack of waterproofing the rusted up the woofers a bit. My attempt to overcome the tweeter placement was to "tune" by EQing the Cleansweep signal, so it overcompensated.

I now have a 2011 Mazda3, and I decided to bring the setup over. I went the same route. I moved the Cleansweep over. The front channels feed a Clarion 2x90W and the rears feed the sub via Orion 500.2. I no longer lived near the previous installer, so I went to a new place to get deadening and the components installed (since they require some adapter fabrication and trimming the door card). The install went terribly. I was left with only 2 thin strips of dynamat nowhere near the woofer location. The OEM 6x8s were removed and the panels widened for the 6.5s. The woofers were screwed in and the gap and woofer surrounds were covered with duct tape. Lack of spacing out meant the window didn't go down. The crossover screws hit glass, and, worst, they also killed a tweeter. It was a nightmare I ended up only being able to walk away from.

I put the OEMs back in despite large gaps, and it took a few months to cool off from that, but I decided it was time to give it another go before it gets too cold.

The Shorter:
I pulled off the interior panels, attempted to add some deadening and cut out some MDF rings. I'm not sure how long they will last with the moisture. I put the two woofers and passenger tweeter in. There's practically no mid-bass. It's only slightly better than no baffle. I guess this weekend I'll pull the panels or go digging for the amp to see if a phase change helps. The off-axis tweeter is also still an issue.

The Shortest:
I'm saving up for a new pair of components...but I need to overcome 3 obstacles first: Why the doors currently make such a poor enclosure? How to keep the next pair from peeling/rusting? How to aim the A-pillar tweeters.

I loved the Hertz and the textile tweeters. I'd like to go with them again (the new gen, but wow fugly tweet). I'd also like to move to an often sub-less setup, so getting a full response back is important to me.

I've read every other Mazda3 install on here as well as a very cool, local Mazdaspeed6 install, trying to get some mechanical confidence back. Is there a good retail source of 3/4" plastic cutting boards? Do those foam speaker cups work or just cause interference?
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