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Im looking at purchasing next weekend.
I wanted to get some ideas on my second SQ build.
My first build was started about a year ago in a 2014 Nissan Frontier pickup, 2 way with sub.
i used a Pioneer dvd stereo
Hybrid Audio Unity U2 in dash
Hybrid Audio Unity U69 in front doors
Kicker shallow 10” sub
NVX JAD900.5 amp and
Dayton dsp-408.
I entered it in a MECA Street Class event.
I want to set up the Mustang for the same class.
It has 6x8 and 8” speakers in the doors.
Im undecided on a 2 or 3 way front sound stage, amps, sub.(maybe single 10 or 12” sub)
I have all the equipment from the Nissan and
Hybrid Audio Clarus 10” sub and Imagine 6.5
Soundstream d60, d100 and class a 50 amps.
If I cant/dont use any of stuff on hand, I’m willing to sell to help fund the project.
I willing to buy used if it is a good deal.
I only have Focal and Hybrid Audio dealers locally.
My budget is around $1500 for equiment.
I looked at Arc Audio KS300.4, KS300.2, Zapco ST4x and Sundown 3k mono amp.
I plan on using the factory radio.
Thanks for any help.

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Well, got my car today.
Already talked with Hybrid Audio this week and Jason in Augusta about equipment ideas.
Suppose to meet up with him tomorrow and discuss some options.
Want to do a 3 way front budget permitting.
Also planning on a single sub. 12” or 15”
Zapco ST amps 4ch SQ for tweets and mids
4ch P or SQ bridged to midbasses
Not sure what size mono amp.
Looking for other ideas
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