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I've got a 2013 Accord Sport, and as anyone with this model can tell you, the stock system is something that even 80s cars could beat.

Anyways, I'm looking to replace the stock 4-spkr system with components up front, and replace the rears with something affordable yet better than what was there originally.

Before I dive into what I had originally spec'd out, I want to stress some things:

1. I am NOT an audiophile type, however I like my music to sound good. What this means is I'm looking for bang-for-buck, not the absolute greatest, most expensive stuff. I will clearly list my budget for each component when I go through my wants-list.

2. I am NOT going to be running a subwoofer, nor do I have any plans to. I might at some point in the future add a discreet or factory-integrated-style sub, but at this time I don't see any need at all. I will instead be relying on the speakers that I install to provide all the bass that I need.

3. My final budget for components (minus installation materials like wires & deadening materials, etc) is $600. I'm willing to look at possibilities that go to $650, but that's HARD limit.

Anyways, with that said, here's what I'm looking for in each component:

1. Front component speakers -- the car has none so I'll be getting higher-trim-model sail panels to mount the tweeters. I'm setting a budget of $250 for the front speakers. I had originally picked out Polk DB6501's, but since they're so affordable, I figured I'd easily entertain better options. Remember, I want good full-range response out of these speakers.

2. Rear speakers -- I was just gonna toss some DB651's in the rear, but I'm open to other suggestions. Rear speakers are nowhere near as important as the fronts, so I'm just looking to put something in there that will sound decent being driven from a 4-channel amp (versus keeping the rears on stock output from the head-unit). Budget -- $70.

3. Amplifier -- ~$200 budget. I originally spec'd an Alpine MRV-F300, but I'm totally open to suggestions. I'd like to have the shop mount the amp below my driver's seat, so it needs to be relatively low-profile and able to fit under a typical car seat.

4. Line-Out Converter: Since the factory radio is so integrated with other things, I of course will need an LOC. I was going to go with the LC6i 6-channel. I was told I should get this one specifically due to it having some sort of Bass Recapture feature.\

5. Equalizer -- I have no idea what to do here. My understanding is that my factory radio will still maintain its fader and basic EQ settings (on the Sport model, only Bass and Treble are adjustable). Do I need an EQ for this? If so, I need something pretty affordable, and have no intentions of mounting it anywhere in view.

I'm trying to keep this setup as stock-looking as possible. I listen to blues & rock music mainly, if that's important in the decision.

All recommendations are appreciated!

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If your just looking for tunes to jam to and don't wanna go overboard and your on a budget, get any set of 2 comps for your front stage use the passive crossovers. Get a 2 channel amp to run them (find whatever fits your budget). Get a PAC LOC and tap into your factory speaker wires (those are like $10 bucks on amazon) or if your worried about "losing bass" get the Audio Control LC 2i, since your only using 1 amp and won't need all those extra channels the LC 6i has, and it still has the bass "reproduction" or whatever plus channel summing! And its cheaper than LC6i.
Rear speakers you can swap out for something "better" and just run right off your deck, no real need for amplification on them, plus most will tell you they are not necessary. Really just buy whatever you feel comfortable spending. If all you want is better then what you have, then anything will sound good! There are alot of threads on already on here about *cheaper* comps that can run with those expensive ones! I think there is a thread on here with a guy reviewing a set of HiFonics comps and he said they sounded pretty darn good (for the price!).
Then you'll spend about 30 - 50 bucks on an amp kit and maybe some additional speaker wire, connectors, crimps etc..

Boom! there you go! Under budget! It sounds better than what you got now, and easy peesy to install!! Don't even have to go to a shop! Installation cost alone will blow up your $650 budget real quick!

But this is only my 2 cents...

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For the AccuBass bass restoration feature, you need the LC2i, LC7i or the LCQ-1.

The LC6i does not have that feature.

If you want some additional EQ over the stock system, look at the LCQ-1 as it has one built in.

Make sure the shop taps the front speakers for a signal or hands free BT won't work.

Good luck.
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