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2014 Avalon Limited Build

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So I literally just picked this up a few hours ago. Since I work at the dealership I got it from I went right from signing papers to the back for applying ceramic protection. One old lady owner, loaded and only 35k miles.

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For the first 2 months or so it’ll move a little slow but after the VA meet in September the Malibu will finally be retired and most of the equipment will get transferred into this car. It’s also going to be my daily driver so down time/disassembly will be minimal.

2014 Avalon with JBL/nav system

Supreme SQ while keeping as much useable/cargo space as possible and use OEM speaker locations and minimal modifications

Head unit: Kenwood Excelon Reference DMX-1057XR
Processor: JL TWK88
Amps: Alpine PDX-V9 & F4
Front Stage: SI TM65mk4, SI M3 Carbon, SI M25mk2
Sub: SI… either SQL 15 or SQL 12

All of the equipment, with the exception of the front stage & subs is currently installed in my Malibu. Once the Sept VA meet is over I’ll start pulling gear.

The decision on sub will depend on where there’s available room for it. I’m hoping for spare tire well but I’m limited on mounting depth there (I’ll measure that out in the next few days), if that doesn’t work either side of the trunk might work.

Most people will say you can’t replace the
radio in the JBL/Synthesis cars and, from what I’ve read, it’s because the circuit board for the passenger airbag light is integrated into the board with the tuning knob so it can’t be transferred to the new dash kit. So after some investigation I am under the understanding that the plug for the airbag light is the same for all models of radios so I procured a non-JBL radio so I can dismantle THAT & I can keep my original radio intact.

Sleeve Gadget Grey Collar Audio equipment

I should be able to start accruing install parts for this over the next few weeks so this will hopefully start moving along about the end of September. I’ll update as it moves along.
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That space you have right there by your ski pass looks perfect for a single 15 or dual 12 SQLs sealed. All you need is around 10" depth and go as wide and tall as you can. Just remember those SQLs require some power to make them jump.
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Yea, them SQLs are on a whole other level. They surprise me every time I put them back in. I have 2 sealed on 4k and they are monsters. This is today's texts from my coworkers when i pulled up to work just now. Mind you our control room is explosion proof and our plant is loud AF.

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I thought I was running mine in a big box. I got 1.1 each after displacement. I like it there. I've been meaning to drop them off and get my box built but when ever they go in to my car I refuse to take them out. They are in a prefab box but it's not leaking or giving me issues I just don't like the shape of it, takes up too much space.
I know 1.1 is about that sweet spot but I kind of wanted the ability to go ported without building a whole new box if that was something I wanted to try. Back in the early 90s I ran a JL 12w4 in a 2cf sealed box (2x recommended size) and LOVED the way it sounded. The key with a bigger sealed box is to know the benefits & drawbacks. Power handling will decrease but you gain efficiency & low end extension (much like IB which is essentially a large sealed box, right?). This sub is also recommended for IB so there should be no reason a 1.5 or even 2-3cf should be detrimental. You just have to know the limitations. I know I’ll never be putting more than 500-550 (I think my PDX birth sheet says 540-something) so it should be just fine.

I’m not saying you’re implying it won’t be, I’m just explaining my thought process.
I went with 1.1 to play as low as possible too. I completely get trying to get low. Mine are crossed @60hz cuz in my car I get nothing above that from my trunk. Then the front sub takes over from 65hz. Kinda like an infinite baffle set up too.
Ok… the ol Good News, Bad News situation is in effect and since nobody eats their ice cream before their Brussels sprouts…

Bad News:
While it’s somewhat good that the trim panel is done, it is NOT to my satisfaction and it will get redone. Somehow even after measuring twice (more than twice actually) and cutting once, the opening around the sub is not symmetrical. Somehow it’s 1/2” closer on the right vs the left. There’s also a gap on the right side of the amps. The opening around the sub was taken from the shape of the license plate recess on the trunk lid.
View attachment 350698
View attachment 350696

Now for the Good News:
While the trim panel was being F’ed up I was busy getting some seat time with the laptop/DSP. I remeasured my speaker distances as well as experimented with a few different crossover settings. After A/Bing with my original baseline tune & constantly noting improvements, I think I have a new baseline I’m proud of. I think I was running into some weird phase issues at the previous mid/tweeter crossover points. Knowing the SI 3s are good full-rangers I upped the crossovers to 7k & that seems to be the sweet spot. I have a good center image, fairly wide stage, good tonality & the bass is almost up front. I still think I can get that better so I’ll keep working at it when I get time. Also in other good news, I figured out how to get the fuel filler door off so that will be taken care of this week.
That's a nice looking trunk. 👌 good job.
I would suggest raising it to lower the usable frequency of your tweeter. Your midrange starts to beam at 4500hz and will defeat the purpose of going 3way if your going to run your drivers into beaming to meet up with your tweeter. I used a 33uf wich I believe it's starts to roll off at 1.2khz (I think if I remember correctly). I use the cap to protect the tweeter from an oopsie. Mine is a GB10 and I think the SI tweeter can play lower than the GB10. I'd suggest using one that won't affect the SI tweeters lowest crossover, just in case you ever have an issue with your midrange you can go 2 way in the mean time. Just my thoughts.
The jp 7 ch amp.... lol 😆 I'm just kidding
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It does. I’ll be honest, I REALLY wanted to get new amps. Who doesn’t like getting shiny new toys? But the more I thought about it I would have to redo the install plus (more than likely) a re-tune. It just seemed like a lot of hassle. I’m absolutely in love with how the car sounds with even my basic tune so after a LOT of mental anguish today I figured why mess with it.

I already messaged the guy about the amp and after the swap I’ll open the current one up and see what I find. If it’s fixable I’ll take care of that and maybe keep it in the possibility I get a 2nd SQL & it’ll replace the F4.
If you didn't already know. 2 SQLs are my favorite 😍. Just give them enough juice.
And here I am complaining about having to wear pants cuz its too cold to wear basketball shorts.... geeez....
You'll be my idol if you ran 3 SQLs 😍
I'd loose the title on 2 if a Salt 4 was thrown in the mix lol. Lil baby LSX4000.1 probly barely dynos 4k dynamic 🤣
Very.....Very nice work. I'd like to hear some IB SQLs one day 😮‍💨. Guess the only way is gonna be my own. 😃
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Wow!! Your the FVCKING MAN!! Looks dope!!
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