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2014 Avalon Limited Build

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So I literally just picked this up a few hours ago. Since I work at the dealership I got it from I went right from signing papers to the back for applying ceramic protection. One old lady owner, loaded and only 35k miles.

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Gear shift Speedometer Steering part
Automotive design Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Car seat cover

Car Gas Auto part Personal luxury car Tints and shades

For the first 2 months or so it’ll move a little slow but after the VA meet in September the Malibu will finally be retired and most of the equipment will get transferred into this car. It’s also going to be my daily driver so down time/disassembly will be minimal.

2014 Avalon with JBL/nav system

Supreme SQ while keeping as much useable/cargo space as possible and use OEM speaker locations and minimal modifications

Head unit: Kenwood Excelon Reference DMX-1057XR
Processor: JL TWK88
Amps: Alpine PDX-V9 & F4
Front Stage: SI TM65mk4, SI M3 Carbon, SI M25mk2
Sub: SI… either SQL 15 or SQL 12

All of the equipment, with the exception of the front stage & subs is currently installed in my Malibu. Once the Sept VA meet is over I’ll start pulling gear.

The decision on sub will depend on where there’s available room for it. I’m hoping for spare tire well but I’m limited on mounting depth there (I’ll measure that out in the next few days), if that doesn’t work either side of the trunk might work.

Most people will say you can’t replace the
radio in the JBL/Synthesis cars and, from what I’ve read, it’s because the circuit board for the passenger airbag light is integrated into the board with the tuning knob so it can’t be transferred to the new dash kit. So after some investigation I am under the understanding that the plug for the airbag light is the same for all models of radios so I procured a non-JBL radio so I can dismantle THAT & I can keep my original radio intact.

Sleeve Gadget Grey Collar Audio equipment

I should be able to start accruing install parts for this over the next few weeks so this will hopefully start moving along about the end of September. I’ll update as it moves along.
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Yours will be infinitely easier to work on than mine
Something about seeing well done deadening and clean runs of wire, etc. that is beyond satisfying.
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I need to hear this new set up
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Sh!t looks good Todd. Well done.
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Maybe try to find an Audison AV 5.1K on eBay? I know about 4 years ago I ran one in my Sonata and found it for around 900 dollars pretty much unused. It was a display model. I forgot the specs but I believe it ran a staggered impedance setup with a potential 1k on channel 5 at 2 ohm

AV 5.1K - Audison 5-Channel 1650W RMS VOCE Series Power Amplifier (

just attaching it to show the specs.
I think I’m gonna get the used V9 in the classifieds. It makes the most financial sense right now and it’ll just be a matter of matching gains and it’ll be plug & play.
Makes sense
It does. I’ll be honest, I REALLY wanted to get new amps. Who doesn’t like getting shiny new toys? But the more I thought about it I would have to redo the install plus (more than likely) a re-tune. It just seemed like a lot of hassle. I’m absolutely in love with how the car sounds with even my basic tune so after a LOT of mental anguish today I figured why mess with it.

I already messaged the guy about the amp and after the swap I’ll open the current one up and see what I find. If it’s fixable I’ll take care of that and maybe keep it in the possibility I get a 2nd SQL & it’ll replace the F4.
Looking forward to hearing it in this new iteration in the future. I enjoyed the Malibu a lot and this looks even better
Ok. I think I’m getting somewhere. It got down to 18 last night so we’re in business. Came out this morning, fired the ol girl up and… NO midbass… None… Neither side. I very gently touched the drivers side (formerly pass side) and it came to life, then cut back out. Touched it again, back to life, then cut out again. I then tried the pass side… nothing. About 10 mins into my drive the crackles started from the drivers side. About 5 mins later I hit a decent bump and the pass side came to life. I greatly suspect a loose connection at the amp for the pass side. After about 25mins or so both sides were working fine.

After getting to work I pulled the drivers side speaker and did some deeper investigating. I happened to notice a wee bit of rust on one of the vent holes on the magnet. So I took my air gun out and very gently blew some air in the vents. That’s when I noticed some moisture laying on the dust cap. View attachment 358790

View attachment 358791

So I dried it out and repeated until I was confident there was no more moisture in there. So now I’ll wait to see if that makes a difference. My rationale is that the little moisture that was in there was freezing and preventing the coil from moving until it heated up enough that it melted and then freed itself. So now we’ll wait some more and see if that fixed it.

And before anyone asks… yes, I mounted the speaker with the rain guard on top.
Be prepared for this to turn into an SI slander thread for no reason.

Glad you made some strides in figuring out what's up
Don’t worry I won’t let it happen. I want to make it clear that I don’t believe this is an SI product fault. I know YOU know that but I will put that out there. If it starts I’ll shut that sh!t down.

If this doesn’t fix it I will happily get a new one, whether by warranty replacement or if not I’ll buy a new one. 🤔 Maybe I’ll pick up some TM8s. Either way I’ll stand behind the quality & performance of these products.
Agreed. might have this thing ready by May. I need to step it up
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I used 1/8" AL angle for the baffle in my car. It was only needed on the top side though as there is a raised stiffener part of the unibody that goes across the bottom. I was able to drill and set riv-nuts in it to fasten the bottom. I would assume the Avalon has something similar going across the bottom?
I may have to pick both of you guys' brains about how I could potentially do my new current one is ****. This new one has to be extremely solid considering the stupidity i'm pursuing.
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We can absolutely discuss it further in May or feel free to pick away. I’m by no means an expert but sometimes even just a different perspective can make a difference. My problem is usually trying to make things too complicated in my head when there’s MUCH easier ways to get the job done.
I'll take that over me going into this blind as a bat with no real idea where to even start. So I appreciate that.
When I pull my trunk setup out for good, I'll make sure I start my own thread and also send them to you 2 for assistance. I apologize for the derail.
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Thanks! That’s freehand too… just slow & steady. Now I’m just trying to decide on whether I want to do roundovers or chamfer on the edges.
1 vote- chamfer
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I wire the LEDs to the trunk light.

I had a guy come to the shop and complain that his LEDs never turned off. "They're always on. Every time I open the trunk they're on."

"Remember when you were a kid and tried to figure out if the fridge light stayed on all the time?"

Then he understood. He thought they never turned off.

To be fair, we had a good bit of illumination in the trunk and sub enclosure. 🤣

View attachment 370632

View attachment 370633

View attachment 370634
That's beautiful
Last night I made a basic cardboard template based on my measurements. Today I managed to get out of work an hour early & still got paid for 10hrs (flat-rate has it’s advantages), so I managed to puzzle-piece my baffle template together.

The baffle will be double 3/4” and the first/inside layer will sit flush with the upper, vertical portion of the trunk panel.
View attachment 372338

The second/trunk side layer will basically be an exact copy of the first layer but will extend up an additional 3” which is where I’ll secure it on the top.
View attachment 372339

I’ll also secure a piece of 3/4 to the car on either side and then the baffle will secure to those. The bottom is going to be tricky because of the irregular surface of the trunk floor. I’m almost questioning whether that will be needed. If it fits like the baffle I had in my Malibu it may not need secured at the bottom. Getting it in/out required a rubber mallet and a LOT of kicking.

Tomorrow’s plan is to fine-tune the baffle, recover the amp panel, secure that into place, cut the panels to cover the rear speaker openings & possibly purchase wood.
I don't think mine will be as simple. Smh....but I also don't have your experience and skillset
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I got a little more done today until I couldn’t stand the wind & cold any longer.

Today was cutout and assemble the baffle day. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but as anyone that has built an IB baffle panel that absolutely needs to fit perfectly knows, it’s a LOT of finessing. I wish it was as easy as ripping 6 pieces and gluing a box together.

Once the inside panel was cut, it was test fit, sand/file, repeat x10.
View attachment 372801

Once I was happy with that it was a matter transferring that to another sheet but with the 3” extension for the top. I cut this one intentionally big by a bit and then did the sand/file bit to ensure a snug fit.
View attachment 372802

With carpet attached it should be a “beat into place” fit… perfect. I’m a little peeved that my buddy cut my trunk panels to fit the previous box but new trim is $300+ so that ain’t happening. I’ll have to figure out how to pretty that up a bit. I also came up with a plan of attack to secure the bottom of the baffle. The sides aren’t gonna happen. I think 5-6 bolts along the top and another 5-6 along the bottom should hold it just fine.

So for now the 2 panels are secured together awaiting further construction.
View attachment 372803

Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder than today so this just may be where it’ll stay for a few more days.
Looks me some good guidance for how to approach mine....tomorrow I'm hoping to have time to start working on templates
Bruh - he'd need 6k. And you would lose you title
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Your title is safe… at least when it comes to my car. My SPL days were long ago. I doubt the pair will ever see more than 500 of the 1000w I’m running to the pair. I’m only adding more now because… well, other than for the sheer giggles of it I have no idea why I’m doing it. I was MORE than happy with just the one. There’s just something about <20Hz on an SI sub that make you giggle so why not have more giggles?
Sounds like a solid enough reason for me. It's why I'm doing what I'm trying to do.
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