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2014 Avalon Limited Build

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So I literally just picked this up a few hours ago. Since I work at the dealership I got it from I went right from signing papers to the back for applying ceramic protection. One old lady owner, loaded and only 35k miles.

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Gear shift Speedometer Steering part
Automotive design Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Car seat cover

Car Gas Auto part Personal luxury car Tints and shades

For the first 2 months or so it’ll move a little slow but after the VA meet in September the Malibu will finally be retired and most of the equipment will get transferred into this car. It’s also going to be my daily driver so down time/disassembly will be minimal.

2014 Avalon with JBL/nav system

Supreme SQ while keeping as much useable/cargo space as possible and use OEM speaker locations and minimal modifications

Head unit: Kenwood Excelon Reference DMX-1057XR
Processor: JL TWK88
Amps: Alpine PDX-V9 & F4
Front Stage: SI TM65mk4, SI M3 Carbon, SI M25mk2
Sub: SI… either SQL 15 or SQL 12

All of the equipment, with the exception of the front stage & subs is currently installed in my Malibu. Once the Sept VA meet is over I’ll start pulling gear.

The decision on sub will depend on where there’s available room for it. I’m hoping for spare tire well but I’m limited on mounting depth there (I’ll measure that out in the next few days), if that doesn’t work either side of the trunk might work.

Most people will say you can’t replace the
radio in the JBL/Synthesis cars and, from what I’ve read, it’s because the circuit board for the passenger airbag light is integrated into the board with the tuning knob so it can’t be transferred to the new dash kit. So after some investigation I am under the understanding that the plug for the airbag light is the same for all models of radios so I procured a non-JBL radio so I can dismantle THAT & I can keep my original radio intact.

Sleeve Gadget Grey Collar Audio equipment

I should be able to start accruing install parts for this over the next few weeks so this will hopefully start moving along about the end of September. I’ll update as it moves along.
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Nice install!
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I vote Orion HCCA's!
At least you can get into your car. I've had to basically look like I'm breaking into my car the past 2 mornings. The doors were frozen shut. This morning, the driver side door lock would not unlock. I had to open that door from the passenger side. When I get home from work, I'm going to WD40 the door locks and grease up the weather stripping.
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