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Hello, all...

I have the Bose 10-Speaker "premium" factory system with Nav and Active Noise Cancellation. However, because the Coupe wasn't updated for its last year (2014), mine has the Gen 2 system, unlike the '14 Sedan that has the newer CUE system. I spoke with NAV-TV on the phone and they said unfortunately the M650-GM, which would've been perfect, isn't compatible with my vehicle for this reason. I'm wondering if there is a similar interface that is, with which I can retain all factory features while cleanly integrating aftermarket amps speakers and processors.

So far, I've purchased some of my sub stage gear: RE Audio/US Amps SA 3000.1 and two Adire Audio Tempest 15s to run IB. I figured I'd start by upgrading the Bose system's weakest link, the sub, and maybe swap out more stuff later. I've read some places that the factory sub amp is integrated into the factory sub, meaning the sub outs from the main factory amp are low level pre-outs. I'm unsure if this is true as I've gotten some conflicting info, and also wondering whether or not the sub outs are low-passed below 50hz like some have suggested.

Has anyone made the M650-GM or something like it work really well in a Gen 2 CTS? Can I just tap into the sub outs on the factory amp and get a worthwhile signal for my sweet new sub stage in the meantime, or is there some serious McGuyver-level interfacing that has to be done even for that? Is there anyone here who has plugged a RTA to the sub outs on this vehicle and can speak to their bandwidth?
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