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Just picked up a pair of Stereo Integrity TM65's, so it looks like my front stage build is underway.

The stock locations in this truck are a 2.5" in the dash and 6x9 in lower door. Sub duty is covered by 2-BM MKIV's on an Alpine PDX-M12. DSP is a MS8.
Currently I have a PG Tantrum 400.4 running my mids and highs.

So I could do either a 2-way or 3-way active front. If I went 2 way, it would be because of simplicity. I would only need to decide on a 2.5" widebander that I could cross with the TM-65 somewhere between 2k and 2.5k hz. I could use my current amp to give each 2.5" 75 watts and since TM's are 4 ohm DVC could wire them at 2 ohm and give each 150 watts.

Going 3 way entails many more options. I would need a 2-2.5" mid, 1" or less tweeter, and a new amp. For an amp I am thinking JL Audio xd600/6 or Arc Audio 1200.6. I am considering those because I want a single amp to power the front stage and I am limited on space. The ARC is only 13" long and the JL is 10". These are the only two 6 channel amps I have found that are this short. So if you know of any 13" or shorter please let me know.

Budget constraints-- I would like to stay around $200 for my mids and $200 for tweeters, so $400 total for mids and tweeters.

As for installation, I basically have two options:

1. TM65-- lower door stock location
Midrange--- stock dash location
Tweeter---stock dash location- right beside mid (if this is even possible)-- There is a local guy that does some really nice custom work so I am hoping he can build a bracket that would make this possible.

2. TM65-- lower door stock location
Midrange-- stock dash location
Tweeter--- A pillar

Recap on what we are deciding:

1. 2-way or 3-way (I am going to assume most will say 3-way)

2. JL Audio xd600/6 or Arc Audio xdi 1200.6

3. 2"-2.5" midrange-- I would like to be able to cross with Midbass around 500hz or so. I would like to stay out of vocal range for sure.

4. 1" or less tweeter--Preferably Silk if it goes in stock dash location

5. Location--- Basically should tweeter go in A-Pillar or beside midrange in stock dash location (if possible)

These are pics of stock mid location.
Picture provided courtesy of Sirboom.


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So I am probably going to do this in two stages. First I am going to install the TM65's, deaden doors with the Knuconceptz (100 mil), and install a new mid/tweet in dash. Then later on I will add a another tweeter to cover the top end and buy 6 channel amp. So it is important I get a good speaker to handle the 1khz and up range till then. The dash baffle cutout is 2 9/16".

These are the speakers I am thinking considering:
1. CDT Audio HD-2/BL I wish I could find a frequency response graph for these but have not been able to. I even called CDT and guy said it wasn't available.

2. Dayton Audio RS75-4 3" Reference Full-Range Driver 4 Ohm

3. The Madisound Speaker Store

Am I missing any obvious ones? My main limitation is the 2 9/16" baffle cutout size.
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