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Ok, I've been in the car audio thing for a while (off and on)... After a haeitas of about 8 years, due to college, job, wife, etc. I've got the itch again.

I purchased a 2014 Chevy Silverado LT zZ1, I put exhaust on, added a lift and tires, and now I want my thump back... To that end I have the following components lying around

2 Sundown SA8-V2-D4 subs
2 JL Audio 12W3V3 subs
1 JL Audio 500/1 amp

I don't know which of those I'll use, but the 500/1 isn't going to cut the mustard anymore. So, say I ran one 12 W3 and both SA8s, which amps would you recommend?

Also, for midbass, the doors have 6.5" OEM in front and back. I'd like to run a component or coaxial set in the rear, with JL ZR800s in the front doors, if it's possible. Has anyone tried 8"s midwoofers in a 6.5" mount with success? And is there an adapter?

Finally the head unit, I currently have the factory 8" touchscreen with two usb hookups, a 3.5 mm auxiliary, and an SD slot.

I know I'll need a cleansweep or something like it in order to run the stock head unit. And I'm hoping someone can root the opensource pos.

Anyway, I'm in need of advice! Can you guys help?
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