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Greetings folks!
Sorry if i have overlooked an obvious answer to my dilemma, but i have goggled and searched for what seems like forever and I'm still pretty confused!

My 2014 Yukon Denali has the nav package, rear audio controls, rear DVD player and the Y91 lux amp. I really do not want to change the source head-unit and the full integration that it currently has with the rest of vehicle. Overall i am somewhat satisfied with the sound of the system (at least for now), except that it has hardly any bottom end. To address that i would like to install an amp, sub and enclosure behind the third seat. Maybe upgrade the door speakers and amp if needed. Just something to add a little "umph" on the low end. Sounded like a simple solution to me....

From what i can determine from my research, with the Y91 lux amp there is no variable pre-amp between the head unit and amp. Only (2) fixed level outputs with all of the balance/volume/tone adjustments taking place over the data-bus connection between the HU and amp?? Leads me to think the best place to grab a signal(s) for adding any type of additional amp will need to be after the existing amp. But then i read about problems with bass roll-off from the bose amp and active noise cancellation mics causing weird problems with additional amplification.

As i mentioned before, i would really like to keep the existing HU. What if i run all of the speaker outputs from the bose amp through a bit One, 3sixty, etc to a 5 channel amp, would that be a workable solution? Even if i need to replace all of the speakers (plus add the new sub and disconnect the noise cancellation mics), at least i can keep the HU and factory integration.I'm not even sure how many output channels the bose amp has, i haven't been able to locate any type of audio wiring diagram for a 2014 Yukon with Y91. Does anyone know where i can locate one?

Looking for suggestions and thanks again for any guidance!!
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