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Hey All,

Search terms for this were tough to find anything for this, and almost everyone who did audio upgrades were with either HK or base audio. Here is what I am looking to do, and the challenges & questions. Hoping someone can help or at least steer me to answers. Again, factory Bang & Olufsen is what the car came with & still has.

I got the Technic PnP Add A Sub Harness, that works fine. I am running a single sub in the hatch off an amp, and I amplified the under seat woofers. I am also running an Audio Control DM810 DSP to crossover the sub running sub bass, under 70hz, and the under seat woofers high passed playing above that, and it has 1/3 octave EQ. I also have CD's with test tones, pink noise, and sine sweeps, as well as RTA apps with good mics. I have been into car audio as a hobby off & on for about 25 years, and had some insane systems and some mild upgrades.

My DM810 gives an RTA readout of the frequency response coming in, as well as going out after equalization. The signal coming in, for the under seat woofers, seems to have a factory low pass around 200-250hz. *Now for the issue I am seeing there- the stock setup seems to have a very bizarre factory eq or response curve (regardless of adjustments made to the user adjustable EQ) that has it reading WAY higher at 50hz and below, and WAY lower above that. Again, at signal level, so I am not talking about the ability of any of the speakers to play these things. It is like a 9-10db difference when I compare 60hz & 40hz. Very bizarre. Has anyone else seen this? While I can obviously adjust it, that seems very excessive..

And my other issue is a tweeter signal at the back amp. I wanted to amplify the front channels as well. But the signal coming out of the amp and going to the front doors is only for the 4" mids. And if I totally unplug the harness coming out of the amp, where the Technic PnP taps in, all speakers go dead EXCEPT all the tweeters! All 7 of them still play, and nothing else. So I can't get a speaker level signal to send to my DM810. I even reached out to Technic since they also show an "amplify everything" harness, and they said they do not make a full harness for B&O cars, only for HK. So what is powering the tweeters? Is there another amp somewhere? Are they powered by the head unit or something?

Has anyone done anything like this with B&O?
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