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This car will see some (ab)use over the next few months to a year as I use it to commute to various job sites and even a little bit of ride sharing/courier work.

Since making it fast is nearly non-existent, I want to do something I am reluctant to do with my fast cars, which is add a nice stereo system.

I have some old components that I have mentioned in previous post around here, but I think I am going to go in a different direction and much different direction than most.

This is the first car I've had with factory bluetooth and would like to keep that function. I also want to keep the car appearance factory issue since it's parked sometimes on street.

To continue with the OEM components such as bluetooth and XM/Sirius radio intact; I am considering a UNAVI X6 - [UNAVI] Hyundai :: ACCENT :: 7" Unavi [X6] for Accent 2011 & Up - Register Today! - ::Welcome to UNAVI's Online Ordering System::

This retains all the factory components, yet replaces the transport controls and volume/tune knobs with a touch screen. The guy that owns the company is located in Southern California near where I live and I will try to demo a system before making a final decision.

For $999 he is also throwing in a rear view camera; original equipment option for Asia-Pacific Accent.

I also want to use high level inputs without hacking up the factory harness too much.

In the meantime, I am just going to throw in my trusty powered Bazooka tube in the hatch until I know exactly want I want to do.

Pictures are forthcoming and I will update this first post with those pictures.

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I will update this post with some pictures. This is the pencil and paper phase; measure many times, cut once.

This is the area I am focused on -

Many new cars including mine do not come with a spare tire. Many complain about this, but I see this an opportunity and to save precious cargo space in the hatch.

I went to my local Al &Ed's to get an idea of what they would do. This is what he came up with -

Stock Radio (Sirius/XM, Bluetooth)
Audio Control DQ-61
Alpine PDR-V75
Alpine SPR-60 Components (Front Stage)
Alpine SPE-6000 (Rear Fill)
Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 (1)

Custom box in the spare tire well, retain flat repair system (pump, etc), mount amp and sub in the same enclosure.

Price - $2,300 tuned and installed

In talking about options, he recommended we go with the electronics first. I don't disagree but the DQ-61 and PDR-V75 alone come out to around $850 and roughly $950-$1,000 installed/tuned.

He said a enclosure in the spare tire well that keeps my factory flat repair kit would start at $325. Add $200 for the Pioneer flat sub and he came out with a figure around $1,800.

I want to try to do this for under $1,000 total and not take too much real estate.

Must haves -

No under seat impedance

No box in the hatch area or corners

Use stock locations, this is not a competition SQ vehicle.

I want to open the doors or open the hatch and not see anything. I want to park next to a dead stock Accent and not be able to tell something has changed.

Open to ideas.
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