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2016 WRX (FA20DIT)
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Yay...another WRX build...

This is not really going to be a 'great resource' for ideas or inspiration; if you are looking for build logs like that then check out @THX0849 , @Frequentflyer , @opekone and @beerdrnkr 's build logs. Those dudes all know a hell of a lot more than me and have done some psycho work in their cars!

This is just a post for posterity I guess. I will keep it updated...maybe it will help some guys...and there are also a few dudes around who have 'been there, done that' so feel free to jump in at any point and politely suggest that I stuffed up or I am about to stuff up ;) I am not going to do anything really fancy like I originally had envisaged. I am not as big a fan of car audio as I once was so whilst I like good sounding audio; I'm just not in a position to invest the time on custom fabrication etc.. I just want to (finally) get the gear in my car and get some tunes bumping.

With those two paragraphs of out of the way (they read more like a disclaimer than an intro to a build log...) I have finally started a VERY delayed build. Due to being an idiot I started with the most fascinating job first :sleep:

What I will or have installed is:
Kenwood DDX9017DABS head unit (this went into my car a few hours after leaving the dealership...not the best head unit at all but at the time a local car audio place had a plug and play install kit for this model so I didn't care)
Focal Utopia Beryllium Three Way Active front component set
Two Image Dynamics IDMAX 12D2 subwoofers
Two Phoenix Gold Elite.5 amplifiers
Helix Pro DSP Mk2 (with the Director)
Hertz HSK165 components (I may or may not use the mid range only if I want some rear fill...hell yeah that topic is a hotbed of disagreement hence the font change!)
5 boxes of Dynamat.
Not sure how many sqm of a CCF/MLV/CCF material that is made by a local manufacturer
KnuKonceptz Power Cable, Fuses and (most) Speaker Cables
KnuKonceptz RCA's
Stuff that I have forgotten to list or have forgotten to buy yet

I'm not really going to put down any special remarks on any of the installation; just photos and some captions...there are other logs that detail this stuff way better than I ever would so I feel it is a bit redundant. The only things I will make sure I note are specific clearance issues or any installation nuances that I think aren't obvious but really should be considered if you do a post 2015 WRX install (and I guess a lot would apply to pre 2015 models as well).

Just a note that I am currently ripping out my main bedroom shower (due to the builders screwing it up) and redoing it; along with restoring and upgrading the first electric guitar I ever bought, arranging some engine mod's for the WRX, some other house renovations...yeah. My point being I am not dedicated to this install 12 hours a day - I usually get a couple hours post dinner to work on it - so it will take a while. The discovery on Monday that all my showers (I have a five bed and three bathroom that means all three showers) were constructed with a five year life span in mind was somewhat disheartening and will eat up a pile of time and money...

So it begins...I really don't get many visitors (Covid didn't really change my social life much at all...that's a depressing but realistic statement) so my living room looking like this doesn't really matter! I also do not have a female in my life busting my balls about keeping the place clean...well I do have a female but it's the wrong type of pussy and she contributes to the mess anyway...

Thankfully I have a two car garage (with only one car in it) so all that will be relocated shortly. Design is to have the two 12" subs rear firing with the amplifiers in the wheel well...but the PG amps are bloody huge so I am unsure of the clearance around them at this stage...

Passengers door...I borrowed the idea of running the wiring loom on the other side of the door panel from a fellow DIYMA'er (can't remember who sorry!). Makes adding a layer of MLV a lot easier...but it's still subject to a 'window down' check. For all those who get confused at this photo; keep in mind that I live (and drive believe it or not) in 'right hand drive' vehicles ;)

Out of many have done an install only to try and put the windows down and realise that the new speakers were too deep in the door? Or was that just definitely only happened once before the lesson was learnt :LOL:

Waiting on a delivery of some RCA's, speaker cable and miscellaneous stuff so cutting out MLV for the front door at the moment. The MLV/CCF stuff is made by a local company and is pretty thick (nearly an inch; if I remember I'll include a picture of the cross section next time) so clearance between the door panel and the inner door metal will be interesting.


2016 WRX (FA20DIT)
141 Posts
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nice start to the build... so how are you going to resolve your door speaker being to deep.
Sorry mate...I might have worded that poorly! I do tend to waffle a bit...
No there shouldn't be an issue with the depth of the 6.5" drivers in the door...the Focal drivers are probably a bit less than 10mm (1/3 of an inch) deeper than the OEM speakers. The factory speakers are attached with a spacing bracket so I will either try to reuse that one (though the factory speakers seem to form a part of the bracket...and it is super flimsy anyway) or make one in a similar fashion. If I made a a spacing bracket I would likely need to use MDF and seal it because plastic in reasonable thicknesses is goddam expensive in Australia.

My comment about windows hitting the speakers was meant as a bit of a laugh (y) with that said comments aren't really all that funny if people don't get them my apologies there. I likely worded it wrong...or more likely used too many words :rolleyes:
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