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Alright so I finally got the AP F8.9 installed, only had time to play it for about an hour over the weekend but my early impressions are VERY good! The output of the 12w3 in that HO enclosure blew me away. I'm thinking it being in a hatch and that it's a ported enclosure accounts for most of it but wow, my gf said it had more bass than the 2 12's fed by 1800w in a sealed enclosure in my other car and she may be right. I was really wanting to go with the w6 instead too but I'm feeling good about the decision. I played it mostly with the gain on the sub amp all the way down, I only turned it up maybe 15 degrees, it has an indicator light when it clips, didn't care to find out where that was. The Audison defaulted to gain setting (somewhere in the lower third, don't recall the value), it has indicators as well, I took it up a hair and left it.

I did some early t/a adjustments with a tape measure. I'm really happy with the staging in the driver seat, passenger seat not so much but it's not a priority. I still have a lot to learn in this world but honestly, I'm happy with how it sounds right off the bat. I bought the Dayton Audio iMM-6 (cheap I know, gotta start somewhere) and am going to use that to eq, otherwise I wouldn't eq at all, just wouldn't know where to start. Other than that it's just time to put the car back together and start working on whatever standoff solution for the sub box.

There will still be lots of room in the trunk. I plan to build something out of mdf that follows the lower contour of the box so it can sit securely into it and up against the back of the seat. I have banana plugs on the speaker wire and want to easily be able to remove the sub if ever I care to.


I really don't like the wire harnesses these use. Makes wiring a pain. I know they basically have to for the space. I cut the dumb crappy oem all weather mat, don't care about it at all. That picture is with the seat all the way forward though, it's completely covered with the seat in the normal position. I'm considering making a small carpet wrapped board that's maybe two inches tall to block anyone's feet from kicking it, though I can only recall one time in the last 3 years anyone sat there. I just put a few strips of Velcro on the bottom of the amp, that stuff is surprisingly strong, it's not going anywhere. Certainly not pro quality but it's decent for one of my hack jobs.


One thing I ran into again though, I tried running the mid woofers bridged and the amp was not having it. It plays at really low volume but once you turn it up a bit the amp flashes red and the output cuts out. I really don't understand why this is happening. I should be able to run those channels bridged. I took a reading of the resistance of the Hertz Legend 6.5"s and got 3.5 and 3.2 ohms. Really don't know what's up with that. Maybe it's unwise to pump 260w to each of those anyway, idk. So for now I have 8 available channels and I'm only using 4, which will forever bother me.

One funny side note is that my girlfriend decided to have a local shop do a full build in her 2015 GTI, presumably to spite me. We haven't landed on anything yet but as of now it's probably going to be active 3 way with a JL 13tw5 in a custom enclosure in the spare tire area. It'll probably be done sooner, sound better, and look better. I'm still pumped about it even though I'm likely to be super jelly.
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