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Hey Folks,

New to the forums here. Years ago I spent time working for Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I just purchased a 2017 Santa Fe Sport AWD Fully Equip’d. It comes with the 11 speaker Infiniti system. I had a JL XD700/5 and a ported JL premade 12w3 enclosure in my 2011 Ford Focus. It had upgraded door speakers as well by Kenwood Execelon (Free). It did the job for me.

I am looking at upgrading my new Santa Fe, but I’ve been out of the car audio game for years. I want to do the following:

  • Keep factory Nav Headunit
  • Add DSP (Need Recommendations)
  • Probably sell my JL amp and sub, but could reuse.
*I’d like to do a nice 5 channel amp
*Replace fronts - thinking 3 way component with ~3” mid range in A-Pillars. Factory location for mid-bass/tweeter. Custom A-Pillar mount.
  • Keep rear speakers and spend more on fronts as I rarely have anyone in the rear
  • I’d like something along the lines JL 10/12W6. (Recommendations on similar performance?)
  • Sound deadening in doors/rear tailgate.

I’m looking at Shop / friend to do the install. I have a friend who has installed for years and years that I trust. I’m located in Minnesota now. I’d like to budget $2000-3000. What would you guys recommend?

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Any feedback? It would be much appreciated!
hi,im Emmanuel,been isnatlling since 1996,3 years ago i bought a 2017 hyunda santa fe sport ultimate,with the harman-kardon audio system,with spdif sinals from the radio to the amp,11 speakers,i beem waitng all this time for a plug n play dps for the factory amp,cause i cant or wont change the touch nav radio cause of the 360 cmera system in it,in addition all the chimes comes thru the amp,and you cat take the oem amp out of the loop cause you wont have volume control.

AXXES have a plug n play DSP,i added a 5ch Alpine amp,and 12" sigle rockford sub,,heres what happened to me:
the signal output was a little low for what i had before the axxes dsp,but the worst thing was i was supposed to keep all my warning chimes with the axxes dsp,i lose more than half of them,i also have the tech package,so that been said,i was supposed to keep:
1 backup sensor chimes
2 blinde spot sensors chime
and i didnt cause of some "software glitch"

what i endup doing was kept all my factory speakers,added a wavtech link8 wich does signal summing and gives me a flat full range signal output,with that i fed my 5ch alpine,its sounds clear and loud,with all my chimes .
now,this will be my next steps,change the twetters,and all 4 6.5 speakers
you can also put a good componet in the front,coaxial on the rear,5ch amp,12"sub,and a wavtech link8.

ill garatee you,with this you will be completly happy,if you need more advice heres my number 347-583-2847 Manny.

excuse any miss spelling,hope this helps
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