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2017 Sonata/Focal ISC165 rear door dilemma

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Hi everyone- Going to replace my current 09 Elantra with a new 17 Sonata Sport. In the Elantra I'm using Focal Integration ISS 165 component speaker 6 3/4" for front doors/pillars and love them. I will put these in the Sonata front door/pillars.

I had planned to buy a pair of Focal Integration ISC 165 coax for the rear doors, as I prefer the fuller sound the backs provide and strive to keep the timbre balanced. Crutchfield indicates these coax will not fit the Sonata because of the required Mounting height of0.561. The Focals are 0.345 too tall.

Thus my dilemma. Do I try using another brand coax that will fit (limited options such as JBL or -yikes- Kicker)? Try using a component set without the tweeters? Or with tweeters, mounted low on the door, so not to pull the soundstage too far to the rear?

The rest of the setup will be:
  • Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS DVD HU
  • JL Audio TwK 88
  • Alpine PDX-V9
  • JL Audio CS112RG-W3v3 sealed sub (I own the sub).

Any ideas? Suggestions? Flaws in the (audio) plan? Thanks!!
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Get the car before the speakers. Take the car apart and see what the reality is. Don't trust any fit guides 100%. The ISC165 is a slim speaker.
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