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First thanks in for any responses.

I currently planning out a system for my 2018 F150. I need some help picking out some decent amps as I think I need a bit more power.

Current components are:
-Ground Zero Uranium GZUC. Mids can take 120 and tweeters at 80.
-Alpine Type R 10 500w RMS
-Dayton DSP-408
-Kicker zx 700.5 -70x4 420x1

Plan is to run full active up front leaving rears out for now. I do have an extra set of channels for rear fill in the future or could also go full 3 way active. I believe GZ makes a midrange for the Uranian series.

Will start 2way up front and make changes from there. I currently have an older kicker zx 700.5 from a previous install, and while it works I think I want to give the sub a the full 500w and the mids a bit more power. GZ mids can take 120w.

I have about $500 in the budget for new amp(s). Here is my thought process as far as options.

-sell kicker and go with a better line of amps. Suggestions?

-keep kicker. I could bridge the 700.5. That would give me about 160x2 for the mids. Then buy a zx 2 or 4 channel for the tweeters and future midrange. Though this way is significantly cheaper than starting it really Doesn’t solve problem with sub power though and not sure if the kicker amps are really that great for SQ.

-keep kicker. Run tweeters and future midrange off 700.5. Buy another,more powerful zx for the mids. Same problem as before.

Any thoughts?

Again I appreciate any help!

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