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Hello everyone new guy here looking for some help.
I am currently doing an audio install that is giving me hell.
First off i have a 2019 Ford Explorer w/sync 3 and navigation.
im installing a Audio Control LCQ-1 to feed a 4 channel amp for highs and a 2 channel sub amp.
If anyone can help me with a accurate wiring diagram i would greatly appreciate it.
On another note im trying to figure out how to properly go about this. currently i clipped and soldered 8 speaker wires from the back of the H/U itself when checking the voltages they are high. i do not have the sony system just the 6 speaker(7 including the center dash). i have fried 2 amp already due to the outputs of the LCQ-1 yes i have contacted them and followed step by step instructions.

if anyone has any experience with this please let me know how to go about it. this install has gone on for too long(since october)....
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