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2019 Ranger crew Non B&O upgrade

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Hi all!
I’ve got a 2019 Ford Ranger Crew Cab that I’m upgrading. I work at a car audio place on the weekends and it’s allowed me to get some ridiculously good prices on some equipment and so Ive decided to do an install of the following:

Infinity Reference 7005A 5
Infinity Kappa 62.11
Infinity Kappa 60csx
Audio Control DM-608

Now I’m looking to do this right, but also on a budget. I haven’t yet picked out a sub so recommendations are greatly appreciated. I don’t want to take up a back seat and there’s not much room for a box behind the rear seat which is where I’m putting the amp and dsp. I’m thinking I’ll have to do some sort of a downfire box. Now I’ve heard that there is “fake” engine noise that can be amplified when adding an amp so to avoid that I bought the FORscan tool to eliminate that. I’m still kinda new at this and have only done amateur installs myself. Does anyone have some insight on some of the other issues I may run into with this install? Has anyone else done similar installs? Are load signal generators necessary? Do I run speed wire from the factory radio to the Dsp and then run more speed wire from the other end of the now cut wire to the amp? Then just connect the components to from the dsp to the amp? I plan to removed the seats when I run my wires and I’m also thinking about adding some dynamat or something similar throughout the truck. I’ll try to keep up with details on my install and how it goes. I still haven’t bought the dm608 or sub at this point but I do have the speakers and amp, I do need to get a wiring kit as well. I appreciate the help, thanks in advance.
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