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Hello DIYMA! welcome to my build thread! As a little introduction to myself I have been doing car audio for myself as a hobby for 7+ years and even longer if you count hooking up amps to computer power supplies in my room in high school ha. But after many years of shitty cars and passable but not spectacular audio systems; I now have a beautiful new Subaru to use as a canvas and the time has come to finally build my first proper SQ system... on a budget!

I got the sport model that had the 9in touch screen and 6 speaker audio system but didn't opt for the HK/RF upgrades knowing I would just do the stereo myself. At first I had hoped to just use a LOC with a kenwood 4 channel on the stock speakers and head unit with a future speaker upgrade and my subs; well, after I got it all set up I was not impressed to say the least. So I scrapped that and went back to the drawing board.

When looking at this forum I saw a post about a killer deal on a couple of polk 2 channel amps. So I bought 4 haha… and that’s how this all began! After buying the amps I started reading everything I could about building an active two way system with DSP and found a lot of great info here, and the rest is history. So, with that all out of the way let begin!...



So this has been a little tricky as I was hoping to use Aandroid Auto through the stock HU but even with the DSP I am not super happy with the output from this source, so as aternatives I have set up the following..

1. Stock HU for Android Auto, HD Radio and CD’s

2. Bluetooth Direct to DSP *foot note the dyaton audio DSP supports APTX but I have to manually enable it on my LG V35 manually everytime through the developer options, if anyone knows how to fix this I would love to know

3. I have added a AudioQuest RCA to 3.5mm to the DSP. the built in Quad DAC on my phone offers excellect sound in this configuration, I am able to play Master quality streams from Tidal this way.


Dayton Audio DSP-408

Went for the budget option here as it was still the most expensive single component is the system, would like a nicer unit like the helix for stuff like input EQ etc. but maybe that is further down the line


Tweeters: CDT HD-1/BL

Mid-Woofers: CDT HD-6

Rears/Rear Fill: N/A - May add later

Sub-Woofers: 2 JL Audio 10w3v4 – Box is a custom L-Port box I made myself


4 Polk audio PA D200.2 amps, 1 for the tweeters, 1 for mids, and 1 per sub


1/0 Gauge NVX power to cabin going to a RF ”1 1/0 – 4 4ga” distributor block, then 4 ga to each amp

Sound deadening:

NVX premium CLD on the front doors and the full cabin floor

various size speaker gaskets

things that I still need to do are:
>Properly tune the damn thing (anyone in the PNW care to lend a hand?)
>finish sound deadening the rest of the hatch
>clean up wiring to the subs
>make plexiglass amprack mounts for the amps under the seats and re-route the air vents. though whether running heat or AC these amps run ice cold
>find place to mount bass knob
>Rear fill?

Now...The Car!

1st shot is of the first run system with the lc7i, which may or may not work for you, I found that the sound just wasn’t up to par and the accubass settings made my subs get awful peaks on certain frequencies. YMMV

The best feeling in the world

Some speaker porn

the goods (NVX wanna sponsor me?)

shot of the DSP placement behind the headunit

laying the sound deadener, shit sucks, lesson learned get the proper tools. though this was one of the biggest improvements in everyday comfort in this car, the sheet metal that subaru makes their cars from is just sad, I could hear rocks bouncing off the bottom of my car and the transmission running while driving. this is no longer a problem and the whole cabin feels more luxurious.

working late into the night

speaker mounts

speakers mounted

tweeters in the stock dash locations

Love me some clean wiring (Comment if you also love clean wiring, and subscribe if you like the content and want to see more! oH aNd DonT fOrGet TO rinG thE bELL)

good stuff

Little package from the dude Steve meade

this one you can see where the amp for the tweeters goes and where the 1x0/4x4 terminal block for the power is hiding under the back seats the grounds are on the other side, also this is where I stopped the CLD, I need to finish up the hatch and back seat still. gotta find some more money tho..

the harness I wired up for the DSP and Headunit. I used a break out harness I bought from a bloke who makes them from a subaru forum. made for a really clean job that can be fully reverted to stock

and here is the finished product! almost stock, exactly what I wanted!

So there it is! I still have a lot that I need/want to do as time, money, and attention permits but overall I am really happy with the "finished" product. let me know what you think!

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Excellent build! Great attention to detail. I see you're using NVX stuff. High quality IMO. I'm using their 8 gauge speaker wire. Would like to try more of their products.

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Very nice. Looks good all around!

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Excellent build! Great attention to detail. I see you're using NVX stuff. High quality IMO. I'm using their 8 gauge speaker wire. Would like to try more of their products.

Thank you both!

Yeah I like NVX stuff as well, for the price it can't be beat. I had used one of their 4 gauge kits in the past so when I was putting together this build sonicelectronix was having a %15 off sale on NVX stuff and I went all out. not a fan of that website though, I probably wouldn't ever order from there again..

I need to order more CLD and CCF but I am hoping to get that from from the guy here on the forum; resonix or something like that.. when money permits that is ha
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