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Everything for my audio build has either arrived or is en-route as of today so I thought I'd make a post about my build since there isn't a whole lot of info out there for the new 2021 trucks.

2021 Ford F-150 STX SuperCab 4x4 - LeadFoot Gray
Automotive parking light Car Automotive side marker light Land vehicle Wheel

Front Components
: Hertz Cento PRO CPK-690 6x9s
Rear Coaxials: Hertz Cento PRO CPX-165 6.5s
AMPS: Kicker Key 200.4 & 500.1
Subwoofer Enclosure: SuperCrewSounds Under-Seat SuperCab Box (Ordered w/o carpet, will be spraying box with Raptor Liner)
Subs: Two Image Dynamics ID8 D2.V4 8"
Custom T-Harness: SoundsGoodStereo (Custom length, with Kicker Key Molex Connectors)
Sound Deadening: SecondSkin Damplifier PRO

SoundsGoodStereo Laser-Cut F-150 A-Pillar Tweeter Adapters
SQL Audio Soundwave CCF Speaker Rings
NVX Silicone Speaker Baffles
Mix of Siless Liner 314mil CCF and SecondSkin CCF (where thinner material needed)
CNC Cut PVC Speaker Adapters
Custom 1/2" HDPE Amp Rack

Shout Outs
Need to send huge thanks to @MythosDreamLab for the killer deal on the speakers, if anyone needs Hertz or Audison products.... he's your guy.

Most importantly, this build would not be possible without SoundsGoodStereo. They made me a custom T-Harness for the 2021 trucks when no one else would. They are the only company out there that would make me a harness that allowed me to mount all of my components on my amp rack behind the rear seats. The competition either makes you buy the amps through them to get the harness, or limits you to where you can mount your amplifiers (and wont make them custom length). On top of that, Don and the guys at SGS are better than Crutchfield when it comes to customer service. When I spoke with Don on the phone about the build and what amps I was planning on using, he told me to give him my order number so that he can order the molex connectors from Kicker and have them added to the harness I bought (free of charge). Can't recommend these guys enough.

Now, on to the build.

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First up, while waiting on my subwoofer box and T-Harness (both shipped today) I got started on fabricating my amp rack.

I used 1/2" Black HDPE I ordered off of eBay (24x24")

Here it is test-fit in the truck.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Rectangle

And here it is after finishing.
Wood Rectangle Grey Beige Flooring

Just need to add the hole for the factory bolt that will be used to attach it.

Next post will be mounting the amps, crossovers, distribution blocks, fuse holders, and doing some wire management on the rack.

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It will be interesting to hear your thoughts once you get it all installed and dialed in. I have an Image Dynamics 8” sub and I really like it. One is not enough bass for me, but two of them should be great in your truck.
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Today's progress:

Sound deadened the doors
Made custom door cavity block off plates out of blown PVC and covered them with CLD
and Mounted up the new 6x9s

Most of the deadening is on the inside of the door cavity, because there aren't many flat surfaces on the inner door panels of the new trucks as you can see. Definitely gonna have a ton of CLD left over.

Also put CLD on the inside of the plastic door card, Tessa taped all rattling clips, and used butyl rubber on the door lock post clips.

Hood Automotive tire Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Hood Automotive design

Hood Automotive lighting Bumper Motor vehicle Trunk

Both front doors are completely done. Tomorrow I'm gonna wire up the amps and install the tweeters. Possibly gonna knock out the rear half-doors if I have time.

Already a huge improvement, even on stock power and stock tweeters. Very encouraging.


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Textile Sleeve Grey Denim Line

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood

Wood Auto part Automotive exterior Fashion accessory Carmine

Wiring completely ran and completed. 41mm tweeters are a drop in fit for the factory tweeter mounts. Very slick.

Running the harness properly requires pulling off just the climate control panel.

Sky Furniture Plant Leaf Outdoor furniture

Waiting 72 Hours for the Raptor Liner on the subwoofer box to cure before mounting and installing the subs.

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Great work, glad it sounds great...!
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