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The sails in the truck are a pain in the ass to remove cause the are one large piece that surrounds the entire window and I'm not too comfy pinning new wires into the door harnesses. Otherwise would def be exploring these locations. Though I think the Piccolo would be too large to fit there anyways.
Pinning new wires is pretty easy with the right crimper and wire.

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Is your AT4 a refresh with the new interior? I am curious how folks are building in there.

I imagine the new 12 speaker or whatever Bose systems is going in there now will be fun to integrate with 馃檭

I have the Valicor pods coming in the mail this weekend so I will pop those in at some point and see how I like on axis tweeters.
Not sure about if mine is "refreshed." Looks the same as yours, except my tweeter covers are flush with the dash. I don't have 12 speakers...thank God. If Bose can't get it right with 6 speakers, how the hell can they ever with 12? Look to subthump for your box man. It's everything you'll need, no seat lift required. Here's my build if you want to check it out.

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I linger like a fart. Plus it's summer and I'm slow at work.
Come linger around my shop. PS, I gotta call you. Show is delayed.
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Quick update on the pillar choice linked above for anyone interested.
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