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2022 Charger HCWB- Full system

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Oh man, you guys really got me in some trouble here. lol

So a few months ago I decided my Charger with the HK upgraded system needed a bass upgrade. I planned to leave everything else as is.

Made an appointment with a local 12v technician and met with him. That very day, I signed up here and made a thread about it. Originally I planned to do a single, GB12 sub and amp with a control knob, eventually that became two GB12"s. Sort of 90's style I guess, I didn't even know what a dsp was.

Since that day, I have been here everyday. I've read thousands of threads, every single new thread created and tried to learn as much as I could. It's still not much but just enough to be dangerous, to my bank account mostly. This is how you all nudged me towards the rabbit hole.

Today, I had another appointment with the tech and jumped right into the rabbit hole, head firstish.

So my project will begin in March. Here is where we are, as a ruff out. Some things may change through the process and I'm cool with that. If so, I'll update here, along with equipment model numbers as I know those specifics. I don't know exactly where and how each component will be installed at this point, but I explicitly trust that it will be done with meticulous care and consideration. Pics will be posted during and after, hopefully that will be helpful for some.

Full Active

Front Stage- Three way, Bonneville Labs Signature Series
Center- BL full range
Rear Fill- Bonneville Labs coaxial
Amp- Helix V12
Control- Conductor

Subs- Two Audiomobile Evo 10's or 12's (Depends on modeling results) in the trunk
Enclosure- Ported, DetailsTBD
Sub Amp- Helix P2

Sound deadening.

I know nothing about the Audiomobile gear. Made sense to back off the cost of the two GB12's that I had originally planned to use for just the bass upgrade when it changed to the entire shooting match.

There is another piece or two of integration equipment that flew past me, will add details. As for now, it sounds like the plan is to attempt to install with optical. That's what I know now, I'll try to keep it up to date if it seems anybody is interested.

Super excited about the process and results. I really do appreciate the generous help and kindness of this community, hope that I'll have some useful input during and after the process.

Thoughts, Advice, Comments, Requests, Insults (lol)?
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You’re going to need a way to grab signal from the factory HU and send it to the V12. I’m not sure is the PacAmp Pro AP4 CH-41 will work with a 2022 Charger…check Crutchfield. If so, get the toslink adapter and you’re set.

If the AP4 doesn’t work, something like a JL Fix 86 or 82 would work.
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Wouldn't the V Twelve DSP work to grab all the summed channels from the factory amp? Not as clean as optical but its definitely doable.

Looks like it could work. Wouldn't all of the factory eq'ing still be in the signal then amplified?

HELIX-V-TWELVE-DSP_MK2_148x210mm_02-12-21_web.pdf (
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Around $500 sounds like the JL Fix. The AP4 runs about $320.
I’ve thought hard about Helix. Ultimately, I went with the VXi amps and their built in DSPs. If I find that I’m at a disadvantage at some point, I’ll purchase a Helix DSP Ultra and use it for processing and the VXi amps as amps only. My wallet prays that I don’t end up feeling disadvantaged any time soon. There are a lot of interesting features unique to the Helix units, and the ability to have multiple signal inputs is appealing (toslink plus coaxial). My folks down here are very good with the TUN software, much less so with Helix’s platform. I would probably just try to talk Nick into installing and tuning the Ultra. I’d probably be the only person running VXi amps with a Helix Ultra DSP on the planet…😂

I guess we’ll know soon. 🙂
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Looking great brother! Can’t wait to hear this! You’re about to have a system that matches the amazing ride it’s going in.
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Appreciate it man! Looking forward to having an HK bonfire. lol
Invite me and we’ll throw a little “alpine” on the grill. 😁
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Holy crap brother…when do I get a chance to hear her? Beautiful freaking install!
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