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2022 Charger HCWB- Full system

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Oh man, you guys really got me in some trouble here. lol

So a few months ago I decided my Charger with the HK upgraded system needed a bass upgrade. I planned to leave everything else as is.

Made an appointment with a local 12v technician and met with him. That very day, I signed up here and made a thread about it. Originally I planned to do a single, GB12 sub and amp with a control knob, eventually that became two GB12"s. Sort of 90's style I guess, I didn't even know what a dsp was.

Since that day, I have been here everyday. I've read thousands of threads, every single new thread created and tried to learn as much as I could. It's still not much but just enough to be dangerous, to my bank account mostly. This is how you all nudged me towards the rabbit hole.

Today, I had another appointment with the tech and jumped right into the rabbit hole, head firstish.

So my project will begin in March. Here is where we are, as a ruff out. Some things may change through the process and I'm cool with that. If so, I'll update here, along with equipment model numbers as I know those specifics. I don't know exactly where and how each component will be installed at this point, but I explicitly trust that it will be done with meticulous care and consideration. Pics will be posted during and after, hopefully that will be helpful for some.

Full Active

Front Stage- Three way, Bonneville Labs Signature Series
Center- BL full range
Rear Fill- Bonneville Labs coaxial
Amp- Helix V12
Control- Conductor

Subs- Two Audiomobile Evo 10's or 12's (Depends on modeling results) in the trunk
Enclosure- Ported, DetailsTBD
Sub Amp- Helix P2

Sound deadening.

I know nothing about the Audiomobile gear. Made sense to back off the cost of the two GB12's that I had originally planned to use for just the bass upgrade when it changed to the entire shooting match.

There is another piece or two of integration equipment that flew past me, will add details. As for now, it sounds like the plan is to attempt to install with optical. That's what I know now, I'll try to keep it up to date if it seems anybody is interested.

Super excited about the process and results. I really do appreciate the generous help and kindness of this community, hope that I'll have some useful input during and after the process.

Thoughts, Advice, Comments, Requests, Insults (lol)?
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I'd also add a Bluetooth module for that V12. 馃槂
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The V12 can sum channels, fix the factory EQing, and other things. But I can't remember something it couldn't fix. Some type of filters. An other thing it can't fix is the HPF in the 30s my Honda has 馃が. But it does what any other integration unit does. Exept the PAC and metra units that are vehicle specific.
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Not that it will fix roll off, but it does create frequencies one octave lower.
Does it really? I just need a 20-30hz boost. 馃. I was just going to pull the trigger on the Axxess Honda piece. But the damn thing is 300$ but it bypasses the factory amp.
Epicenters are all the rage in So Cal. Ranchero music coming out the mamalonas if you know what I'm talking about.

My Amp Pro was close to 450 originally, but I think the Nav-TV piece was like $700-800 at the time. I settled on the AmpPro
Lol yea I know what you mean. 馃ぃ my installer was crazy surprised when I said I didn't want an Epicenter. He said...

"pero sin el Epicenter no vas a tener bass guey"

it's crazy how much bass you can get out of a trumpet with the Epicenter.
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Guess I got some Epicenter research to do now.
I understood that it needed one in that scenario to compensate for the factory amp eq'ing the lows. But now that the factory amp is coming out and full integration is taking place, it's not necessary. Did I misunderstand that?
If your bypassing the amp and getting signal before the amp, you may be good 馃憤. The the factory amp that does all the filtering and EQing.
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Does an Epicenter do something more than your V12 already does?
View attachment 364324
I have a M4DSP, I don't re member seeing subxpander. I'll have to double check.
Guess I do have it. 馃馃き thanx I'll have to play with it.

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I use the Augmented bass at 31hz though I'll play it lower then take some measurements and see what it does.
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Report back with your findings
I posted my finding here 猬. I didn't want to flood OPs post with my REW graphs and shenanigans. 馃槂

Yea the subxpander and augmented bass processing do a much better job of adding subharmonic tones than an epicenter ever could
Did you like the subxpander?
I wonder if the feature was designed for 12's on 4k? 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
I don't think it was lol.
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He put a front sub into his charger due to lack of upper bass response. Most sedans will have this issue. Mine falls flat after 50hz even with a front sub it barely makes the cut. But to be fair the lil 8" sub is trying to keep up with 2 SQLs on 4k 馃槂

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Depending on how you want your centre and rears. I run a 2way centre but others just run 1ch. Then there's rear fill, some run 2ch others run 1 then flip polarity at the speaker.

I'd P6 to mids, tweeters, either center or rears or both depending on how you want to do it. But if you run a 2way centre or stereo rear fill you'll need an other amp. Then run optical to the P2 to the midbasses. Then Preamp to P1 for subs.

P6, M4, P2

P6 to mids, tweeters, 2ohm midbasses. M4 preamp outs to 2way centre, stereo rears. Optical out to P2 to 2ohm subs. But I'd use a P1 over a P2 for subwoofers.
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Also, I'd like to make a request t

Roger that! Thank you.

I know you are nice and comfy with big power. Would you even consider running either three amp combo vs the V12 and P2 with these speaker specs? Would you expect it to perform significantly better with the extra power or would the headroom make it worth considering? Seems like overkill to me but I'd prefer that you underkill. lol

Multix WS8 鈥 Max power 250 W / Nominal power 125 W
Multix MS3 - Maximal power: 100 W / Nominal power: 25 W
Multix TSM25Mg 45 HR - Maximal 100W / Nominal: 15 W

Also would the three amp combo possibly push me into having to do electrical upgrades where the V12 and P2 don't? 220 watt alternator and an Odyssey high performance battery. The 12V tech says the V12 and P2 will be supported as is.

I'd like to see @slowride s thought on this as well.
That will work. Especially since your midbass is a 2 ohm you could run it off of the V . But now I'd say the v12 will be overkill if your just doing a 3way. You could get away with a V8 and still do mono rear and centre.
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Dope! I'm excited for you!! And I love pictures 馃槏
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Those look like some super sexy midbases
Dope!!!! It's coming along beautifully 馃槏
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That's dope!!! It's a wonderful feeling to just sit in your car and enjoy your system. I love just sitting there,let it rip and let it take me to FTW status.

Enjoy it, you deserve it bro!
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