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2022 Charger HCWB- Full system

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Oh man, you guys really got me in some trouble here. lol

So a few months ago I decided my Charger with the HK upgraded system needed a bass upgrade. I planned to leave everything else as is.

Made an appointment with a local 12v technician and met with him. That very day, I signed up here and made a thread about it. Originally I planned to do a single, GB12 sub and amp with a control knob, eventually that became two GB12"s. Sort of 90's style I guess, I didn't even know what a dsp was.

Since that day, I have been here everyday. I've read thousands of threads, every single new thread created and tried to learn as much as I could. It's still not much but just enough to be dangerous, to my bank account mostly. This is how you all nudged me towards the rabbit hole.

Today, I had another appointment with the tech and jumped right into the rabbit hole, head firstish.

So my project will begin in March. Here is where we are, as a ruff out. Some things may change through the process and I'm cool with that. If so, I'll update here, along with equipment model numbers as I know those specifics. I don't know exactly where and how each component will be installed at this point, but I explicitly trust that it will be done with meticulous care and consideration. Pics will be posted during and after, hopefully that will be helpful for some.

Full Active

Front Stage- Three way, Bonneville Labs Signature Series
Center- BL full range
Rear Fill- Bonneville Labs coaxial
Amp- Helix V12
Control- Conductor

Subs- Two Audiomobile Evo 10's or 12's (Depends on modeling results) in the trunk
Enclosure- Ported, DetailsTBD
Sub Amp- Helix P2

Sound deadening.

I know nothing about the Audiomobile gear. Made sense to back off the cost of the two GB12's that I had originally planned to use for just the bass upgrade when it changed to the entire shooting match.

There is another piece or two of integration equipment that flew past me, will add details. As for now, it sounds like the plan is to attempt to install with optical. That's what I know now, I'll try to keep it up to date if it seems anybody is interested.

Super excited about the process and results. I really do appreciate the generous help and kindness of this community, hope that I'll have some useful input during and after the process.

Thoughts, Advice, Comments, Requests, Insults (lol)?
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You’re going to need a way to grab signal from the factory HU and send it to the V12. I’m not sure is the PacAmp Pro AP4 CH-41 will work with a 2022 Charger…check Crutchfield. If so, get the toslink adapter and you’re set.

If the AP4 doesn’t work, something like a JL Fix 86 or 82 would work.
Roger that! I think one of those or something similar is one of the the integration parts that I can't remember. I'll update it when I know.
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I'd also add a Bluetooth module for that V12. 😃
We discussed that and it will be so. :)
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Someone smarter than me can use the input eq to compensate. I have no clue, maybe the ACO can help in this situation. Just trying to keep OP from overbuying equipment.
I'm embarrassed to say that he mentioned that I'll need a XXXX for a pure/flat signal. I remember it was around $500 but can't for the life of me remember what it was called. I'll find out.
Lol yea I know what you mean. 🤣 my installer was crazy surprised when I said I didn't want an Epicenter. He said...

"pero sin el Epicenter no vas a tener bass guey"

it's crazy how much bass you can get out of a trumpet with the Epicenter.
Yeah, I was advised that an epicenter would be necessary when I was just adding an amp and sub.
Guess I got some Epicenter research to do now.
I understood that it needed one in that scenario to compensate for the factory amp eq'ing the lows. But now that the factory amp is coming out and full integration is taking place, it's not necessary. Did I misunderstand that?
Does an Epicenter do something more than your V12 already does?
View attachment 364324
I do believe it's similar. The epicenter is not necessary now that I'm doing a complete system. Only when I planned to add a sub to the existing factory HK system. Sounds to me like the epicenter just takes some low frequencies and lowers them X number of octaves so that lower range mid bass becomes sub bass. (sorry, that's the best my pea brain can explain lol)
Subbed. Great set of gear and game plan. Excited to see the execution.

I firmly believe both the BLAM Signature and Live lines are the top contenders in their price points.

and we know all know how I feel about Helix - the V12 is a super tool
I appreciate the encouragement and confirmation on the equipment. It's been a long time since I've been this excited about something.
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Nice gear! Will you have it installed by the time of the Austin get together? I would also budget in a good professional tune to get it to sound it’s greatest.
Not by the fourth, maybe I can make the next one though. Yes Sir, she'll be all tuned up.
I wonder if the feature was designed for 12's on 4k? 🤷‍♂️
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Do you think it would be difficult to get an 8" BLAM mid driver in my doors? It currently has 150mm x 230mm (6x9's) in the stock locations. Do you all think that it would be much more fabing adapting those holes for 8" vs 6.5" drivers? Also, do you feel that 8" would be worth it over the 6.5"s considering the door is less than a perfect place for either?

What are your opinions about audiomobile evo's? I know they are a fairly budget friendly option that seems to perform decent from what little I can find about them. Debating on pushing the budget up in that area as well. lmao

Last query for now, thank you for your patience. Would you all plan a front sub for this as well?
Generally if you have room to fit a 6x9 you can fit an 8". As someone who had the Signature 8" midbass, it's a monster for the price and I am not sure I could blind test tell the difference between that and my 8WM. The 8WM is a bit more accurate but that's about it.

There is no replacement for displacement aka cone area will always help. It will be well worth a couple hours of fab time to fit 8s.

Audiomobile Evos seem to be the hot brand of subs and seem to perform well from what I have read. They seem to perform above the price but reliability and reputation take some time to mature and saturate in the market.

As for front sub - it depends on how your trunk can vent into your cabin - if you can get enough air into the main cabin for your trunk, it should help gain you top end response on the subs and hopefully reach up to your midbass aka another case installing 8s that can gain you another 10-15 hz in lower end output.

I don't want to lead you on to a front sub without seeing measurements of what the system could do without one. If anyone else with the same vehicle could comment with measurements, that would be useful. In most sedans that can't vent too well to the cabin above 50-60hz - a front sub usually is the answer.

You can always Y split one of the RCA pre outs of the V12 to run the rear subs and the other to run a front sub in the future.

Do you have a ski hatch or existing speakers in the rear deck?
Roger on all! Makes perfect sense.

No ski pass but the rear parcel deck should have several holes in it. One 10" and two 4" holes from the HK sub and two speakers.

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The vxi amps look great and no slouches based on size to performance ratio. I think you’ll be quite happy. Although I’d be tempted for a P-Six Ultimate, P-Two, P-One combo. That’s a deadly trio imo
Man my mind keeps coming back around to this comment.

How would you lay that out with rear fill and a center channel? P two to the WS8 Multix mid bass. P six ultimate to the tweets, MS3 mids, rear fill and P one to some 2ohm subs? Can you then do something with a virtual channel for the center? Or would this arrangement be better for drivers that are rated for more juice?

Or would I need a P6, M4, P2 arrangement?
Also, I'd like to make a request t
Depending on how you want your centre and rears. I run a 2way centre but others just run 1ch. Then there's rear fill, some run 2ch others run 1 then flip polarity at the speaker.

I'd P6 to mids, tweeters, either center or rears or both depending on how you want to do it. But if you run a 2way centre or stereo rear fill you'll need an other amp. Then run optical to the P2 to the midbasses. Then Preamp to P1 for subs.

P6, M4, P2

P6 to mids, tweeters, 2ohm midbasses. M4 preamp outs to 2way centre, stereo rears. Optical out to P2 to 2ohm subs. But is use a P1 over a P2 for subwoofers.
Roger that! Thank you.

I know you are nice and comfy with big power. Would you even consider running either three amp combo vs the V12 and P2 with these speaker specs? Would you expect it to perform significantly better with the extra power or would the headroom make it worth considering? Seems like overkill to me but I'd prefer that you underkill. lol

Multix WS8 • Max power 250 W / Nominal power 125 W
Multix MS3 - Maximal power: 100 W / Nominal power: 25 W
Multix TSM25Mg 45 HR - Maximal 100W / Nominal: 15 W

Also would the three amp combo possibly push me into having to do electrical upgrades where the V12 and P2 don't? 220 watt alternator and an Odyssey high performance battery. The 12V tech says the V12 and P2 will be supported as is.

I'd like to see @slowride s thought on this as well.
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I vaguely remember reading that (skizer) Nick would use a V12 when the situation called for it, especially in regards to inputs and integration and not so much outputs. If summing off the factory with bluetooth and navigation requires plus added inputs from an external DAP then those inputs would be required. I've also heard Matt Schaffer on his podcast speak about the V12 and V8 making 75 watts per channel with all channels driven. This number goes up when all channels are not used. For instance using a V12 for 8 channel output. At least that was my limited understanding of how it worked. I could be totally messing that up. That was quoted direct from training at MSC.
Roger that. My understanding is that we can use boost them to 120-160w each at 2ohm. I'm guessing that range is based on having channels diverting unused power if channels are open.

I appreciate the feed back. I'm going to leave the plan as it stands wit the V12 and P2 for now. :)
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It's almost the big day. Supposed to surrender the car Friday.

I know this is a personal preference thing but I'd love to hear some opinions. Tweets are going in the a pillars and dodge uses some strange material on them.

We use a really good upholstery guy at work. He said that he would wrap the pillars in gator, ostrich, shark, snake, suede, leather, alantra or whatever. It would be black, same as now.

Anybody had or checked out pillars wrapped in anything exotic? Or what do you think about the idea?

I'm not trying to be a pimp or anything lol. Just a little different.

WWSD? (what would SkizeR do?) lol

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Nothing too exciting.

Tech is running a little behind so I'm still waiting to drop it off. About two weeks behind schedule but since he is a lone rider, I'd prefer everything be squared up so he's not distracted for my install. So I'm cool with that.

I did confirm that its the Pac Amppro for integration. Dash is getting the new Multix MS2's. Tweets in the pillars unless that changes.

I'm setting up with MTI for tuning.

That's all I have to report for now.
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Jeffery will take good care of you over at MTI.
Yeah man. He's been great about being patient with all my silly new guy questions. Really looking forward to working with them. Kind of nervous in an odd way, like meeting celebrities for the first time. :)
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Let the adventure begin! Dropped the car off with Art and I couldn't possibly be more excited. :)

We discussed a concern I have about the ridiculous speed adjusted volume feature that the HK comes with. It was the same on my 2016 HC. When you turn it off, your output goes way down. If you set it on level 3, output almost doubles but you have to deal with raising and lowering constantly to get the volume. Stupid. plus I've seen a few examples of people ruining equipment with the increase. He's on it.

Art is cool with me posting pics and sharing his work here. So a DIY but not DIM build thread it is.

My only requests are 3 way front stage, no brand logo such as dodge, HC, SRT, etc. Also primarily black, greys, not adverse to some color but sparingly. 8" midbass only if possible.

Aside from that, no parameters on install style, placement, specific equipment, stealth, flashy, materials, space used or alterations to stock panels and trims.

I feel that the more freedom an artist has, the better equipped they are to create. It's total trust and confidence after working with him, seeing his creations and briefly meeting his clients here and at the shop. :)

I'll update when more is available. Thanks for reading.
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Wednesday evening I got a ton of pictures and a quick update. Art doesn't let any grass grow man. disassembly, ⁹exploration, deadening, fitment and some adapters. :)

Looks like the current plan is multix 3 way front stage 6.5", signiture in the rear deck and live in the rear doors.

Heres some pics.

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