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I live in Louisville, I can get this amp for you if your interested. Or deal with him on your own.


It's pristine and you won't find another one like this anywhere. This is a Phillips Sound Labs Special Limited Edition car stereo amplifier with a 24 ct gold circuit board. Check out the pictures. Phillips only released 2 of these to each of their authorized retailers to be used as display models only. I searched all of Ebay and many different internet searches and couldn't even find any other sales on this amp. It has a clear plexi-glass back cover so that it can be mounted upside down to show off the circuit board. It also comes with a standard black metal back if you don't want to mount it that way. It is capable of 200 watt x 2 channels or 400 watt x 1 channel bridged at 2 ohms if subs are run in series or 100 x 2 channels or 200 watts x 1 channel bridged at 4 ohms. It has separate Treble and Bass control knobs, and two subwoofer frequency selections (120Hz / 80Hz). It also comes with a separate black label if you'd rather stick that label on instead of the pictured gold label. It is used but in near perfect condition. It has only a few minor scuffs from previous mounting. I had this installed in a Suburban with a TM Rush 15 inch bass tube (also listed on Craigslist) and it really hit hard. Buy this from me before I decide to put it on Ebay. I am the original owner and it is in excellent condition. Contact me via email through the link in Craigslist or call me (Johnny) at 502-551-2341. Will deliver within the Louisville metro area.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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