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I posted some of this in the new member area, but starting an actual post to get some input.
Before signing up here and reading, I bought an
  • Alpine ILX-w650 (which will definitely be keeping and using for the backup/front cam, Sirius subscription, pandora, Android, calls, etc) and purchased:
  • Focal Ps165fx 2 way set
  • Helix DSP Pro MK2
  • Helix Director
  • Sound Deadener
  • Deadening Foam
  • Tessa Tape
  • Audiofrog UMI-1 mic
From my old system I still have
  • 1st Gen DA s400s (Eton)
  • A pair of Rockford Fosgate Chrome Punch 250.2 amps (old school)
  • 2 - RF rfr2210 dvc subs (old school)
  • Front stage amp/s
  • Sub amp
  • Sub
My requirements:
This is a daily driver.
I work construction so no kicks.
I have a 4" straight pipe diesel so listening level while traveling + deadening will have some things to overcome.
I understand imaging over these big dashes can be a pain.
I am looking for SQ but have no plans to compete
Will be building custom pods for mid/tweet, midbass will be in factory door locations, sub/s will be in custom center console I'm building.
Most likely will mount amps behind the rear seat on back wall, so class D heat properties would be ideal there.

2005 Chevy 2500HD 4 door crew cab diesel

Negotiable, but you've seen what I've bought and what I was considering. I also am not against spending less ever. :) Just don't want to get all this in and feel like I'm not utilizing the potential of some individual pieces by cheaping out somewhere.

My original thought was to get a Zapco 150.6 Ap for 3 way fronts using some combination of the focal and da hex, along with something matched to whatever the sub becomes. Now after combing over post after post I'm more confused than ever.

Options I have thought of on the front stage:
Focal midbass with da 4/tweet
Focal midbass and tweet with da 4
Sell the Focal and get another midbass (AF, Seas, etc) and use with da 4/tweet
Sell it all and start over searching lol
Open to suggestions...

Then dependent on that answer match a 6 channel amp that has a s/n of greater than 110 and a little headroom to what that front requires; or two amps with similar qualities. Or just go with a 2 stage front. Or give up and listen to my phone through cheap earbuds while I drive.

Then figure out the sub/amp combo. I will have just at 1 ft cu airspace to work with sealed or can squeeze a little more out with 2 subs iso push/pull using the cab as the open side, but will greatly increase the power needed.

I think I've hit the points most comments ask for clarification on in other topics I've read, but if I missed anything, please let me know and I'll update.


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OK. A little update from my end. Sold the focal comps, Rockford amps, and have decided [between] on the following :

Getting an af gb60 for the midbass and a Gb10d2 or 4 for the sub.

Thinking of running the diamond 4 and 1 but I have 3 concerns. First is I can't find any specs on the individual speakers. Just minimal specs on the 2 way set. Second is a 4" in the pod is pushing it size-wise. Third is longevity. I don't want to put all the time in to alignment and tweaking and fabricating pods for these to die and be back at this point anytime soon.

So, anyone care to weigh in on using old speakers? These are not budget old speakers, but they are pushing 20 years now. I bought them new. Were installed twice and never driven hard. Meter puts them at spec and visual inspection they look brand new. (aside from a little auto window caulk on a magnet....)

There it is. Run the da's or sell them and move on?

Main signal chain at this point will be mainly 96 kHz/24 bit and 44.1 KHz/16 bit flac from Dap > helix dsp pro mk2 > amp (leaning towards a zapco 150.6 ap if I can make it fit and not be hot) > above speakers. (not sub... Still looking at amps which is why I don't know 2/4)


(edited the word between out. Mistyped that)
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