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I have an Ohio Generator built Alternator that was intended to go into a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 - have since sold the truck and never got to install the alternator. It is a DR44 body style and fits approximately 816 different vehicles.
P/N: 8300-275
Plug Code: 314
Max output: 4351 Watts
Voltage set-point: 14.7
Alternator turn-on speed: 1686
Output current at RPM:
1600 = 9 amp
1800 = 60 amp
2000 = 101 amp
2500 = 180 amp
3000 = 225 amp
4000 = 264 amp
5000 = 279 amp
6000 = 290 amp

Paid $420

Have all paperwork: Invoice, test/cert sheets, etc

Asking $400 firm. (asking price includes shipping/insurance to anywhere in lower 48)

Venmo, PayPal, Zelle accepted.

(330) 875-6677
[email protected] - for fitment or other questions

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Is there a website that willo easily tell me if this will fit a specific vehicle ?
Search the type of car and it should tell you what type of alt you have and compare if this alt will fit... not that hard..

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Won't fit my Solara.
If you are looking for a good alternator for the SOlara Randy hit up Mechman. They have a 240amp that will fit.

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@Rbestuar what do you drive?
GM stuff is usually very interchangeable... that said 15 is a LT base engine correct? If so not sure how common they are... if it's a GenIV tho they fit a ton of vehicles.

Goodluck to all
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