Greetings Group,

Longtime member unloading some gear.

2x SI BM V - excellent condition, used for less than a year. Prefer to sell both together. Will ship both conus for $800. I have the original shipping box SI used to ship both so that is basically the only reason why I want to sell them that way.

Kenwood Xr-600 sub amp. Used, good condition. Has smudge on the top plate. Will ship in original box for $150.

Audiofrog GB25. Used, like new condition. I surface mounted them so the surface mount piece is used. Will ship in original box for $300. (will try to post pics again later, for some reason not posting)

Please email at gm5901 at for the quickest response. Sometimes I dont get notifications about PM's or responses to the thread and I forget about the FS thread.