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Product Brand & Model:
Two of each of the following:
-Dayton Audio ND25FA-4 (1" soft dome tweeter)
-Dayton Audio RS52AN-8 (2" dome midrange)
-Dayton Audio DCS165-4 (6.5"woofer)
-Precision Port 2" flared port (full length, un-cut)
-Fully assembled custom-matched passive crossover with schematic
(2nd-order electronic filters with impedance compensation on midrange)

Condition of all items:

Total Price: :
$170 shipped

Shipping Terms: :
Shipping included for 48 states, extra for elsewhere

Additional info:
This is my design, please ask questions. I'm selling because I've downsized my apartment considerably and don't have the extra room.

This was a fun 3-way bookshelf project. You get everything but the wood cabinet which you can very easily make yourself. The box you want is 0.55 cubic feet internal volume (net) excluding the port or the woofers. Frequency response is ±3dB from 35hz to well above 20khz. Off-axis frequency response ±30 degrees is flat to 15khz and ±60 degrees is flat to 6khz. Amplifier power recommended about 50w-100w per channel. These do not need a subwoofer and can very easily be used on their own (seriously the -3dB point is about 32hz). I even measured these woofers with Klippel if you really want it.

The enclosures in the pictures below are what I made but they are not included. They are also about 50% larger than they need to be so you can make yours quite a bit smaller. I can help you design a box if you like. I started to re-design these and came up with 17" tall by 11" deep by 8" wide with a slot port instead of the round ones.

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Wave Shepherd
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I'm curious if anyone is remotely interested in this kind of thing. I thought it might be more fun than trying to part out each item individually.

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How cool! Very tempting. Seems like a great design and bargain. Wish I had the cash and justification for it at this time. GLWS
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