Hello all, I’m selling this beautiful three-way raw driver component set that consists of:

2x Aurum cantus AST 2560 Dipole AMT tweeters with Felt

2x Bower Wilkins CM centre 2 4.5” midrange

2x Dayton RS180 7” midbass

420+ Half on shipping takes all or

280 For the Tweeter pair (I also have a third)

150 for the midrange pair

70 for the midbass pair

Everything is 4ohm lightly used (>6 months for the BW, I briefly tested the tweeters and had the daytons in a car door install. all perfectly functional.

I can entertain trades for the following:

Anyone that can provide me custom cloth grilles for a Scan12mu pair

helix Conductor

audio development Mid-bass preferably 8”

or Stereo integrity SQLs.

This is posted on My Facebook Aswell for references. Thanks for looking.