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When I first got into car audio back in the 90's, I picked up a pair of 3-Way Boston Acoustics for a little over $120. And I seem to remember that there were as many 3-Way Separates options as there were 2-Way. Ever since getting back into car audio about a year ago, I have noticed that 3-Ways are now few and far between and are rather expensive when compared to 2-Ways. What caused the loss of love for 3-Way Separates? Was it figured out that there was no need to separate mid-bass, midrange and highs? Or was there an improvement in designs that made this method unneeded?
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I'd think the ease of replacing the OE speakers in their factory locations and not cutting anything is a much more popular way to go about it and few vehicles have a 3-way arrangement.

Those folks who want to go to the next level are probably avid fans of this sport and going active with hand picked drivers for each location is the better way to go. Amplifier channels are less expensive now than well designed and complicated passive 3-way crossovers.
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