After a few upgrades it's time to thin things out and generate revenue :) Local pickup is preferred but I have a lot of ebay experience and will ship items well packaged (I have sold on diyma before) for the actual shipping cost. Items are as shown and as described. You pay paypal fees. Most of these are fairly firm but if you can make a reasonable case then I'm open to talk. If you ask for a shipping quote please give me a street address (for the shipping software), I don't need your name and it doesn't need to be a real house number. I get much more reasonable quotes this way vs. going to a shipping center and overpaying. The jp84 shipped for about 12$.

Crescendo Skyway 3k monoblock, used for less than a year, works great and sounds awesome, easily hits rated power, no wire for the bass knob, but original bass knob included (I don't really use these) - $300 $290 $280 $270 $260 + shipping PRICE LOWERED, UPDATE, I'll do $240 Shipped in the continental US!

Audiofrog GB10 tweeters - these are really nice sounding tweeters, the back are a little beat up and when I pull them down later I'll take a pic of that, it doesn't affect usage but I had to determine there was no easy way out of the goddamn hex screws. I'll include the pvc pods + nipples if you like for no extra cost (the finish didn't come out right, but you could sand them and repaint) - $210 + shipping SOLD

stereo integrity m25 mk2 - smooth tweets, only used for testing purposes, never mounted, will include the caps if wanted - $110 + shipping SOLD

Sony XM-GS4 - Nice amp, ran for a few years, it didn't sound as nice to me for tweeters but I'm picky there... I don't have the screws for the top plate [update: I've tested and found that m4 screws will thread into the top plate mounting, so if you got some short black m4's you should be ok] (I didn't use it in my build) - $165 $155 $150 $140 $135 $130 SHIPPED in the continental US + shipping SOLD!

jp84 - nice looking boat anchor, sounds like ass but it does do rated power and if you shoot music through the rcas then music comes out through the speaker outputs... $50 + shipping SOLD --- pfft sold first

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