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4 8 inch subs or 2 10 inch subs in 2018 F150?

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I can't decide on my subwoofer setup in my 2018 F150. I'm debating between four 8" Alpine Type Rs in a sealed box or two 10" Alpine Type Rs in a ported box. What would you guys recommend? I will be powering the setup with a Rockford Fosgate R2-1200X1. The birthsheet that came with the amp says its pushing 1500Wx1 at 1 ohm :eek::cool:. Based on the spec sheets for each sub, the four 8s or two 10s should be able to handle that power. I listen to mostly rock but like hip-hop as well. Let me know what you'd go with and why! Thanks!

Here are the boxes each setup would go in:

Four 8" Sub Box

Two 10" Sub Box

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I'd do the dual 10 solely because of protection of the speakers, now the quad setup with grilles.....

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It's been my experience that the cone diameter of each speaker has a different signature (again just my own experiences). Sealed and ported boxes also have different characteristics.

10's are smallest size I use for "subs" although I use 8's for woofers. I have a pair in my front doors now. I definitely like option 2 in this situation. Let us know what you go with and how it sounds!
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Subwoofer output is primarily driven by cone area (Sd) and excursion (Xmax) though power handling and sensitivity play a minor role as well. The quad 8” (SWR-8D4) subs win in cone area but only have 12mm of excursion. The dual 10” (R-W10D4) don’t have quite as much cone area but have much greater excursion at 20mm. The 10s also have greater power handling so can take a larger amp if you want. So for me, I’d take the 10” subs as you’ll get more bass output capability and the further you stay away from the output limit the less distortion/better sound quality you’ll get.
Do you know the internal volume, and port volume of that ported box? Ported boxes aren't as "universal" as sealed boxes, so depending on what that box is tuned to, you may not want to use it.
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