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A friend is looking to sell 4- of the Fosgate Punch HX2 10" subs. I'm sure you've all had experience with these subs..

How much performance can one expect from 4- of these in an optimally sized vented enclosure?

How low can the box be safely tuned and how much output can one expect..


I've got an 8.5 cf box which I can tune to whatever frequency necessary. At the moment, I've got a pair of JBL W12GTIs in there, it's tuned to 24Hz and they hit exceptionally hard and clean.. I am looking to use those for another project however.

What can I expect from 2+ c.f. per driver at 26 or 28Hz and more than sufficient power for all 4? Fosgate recommends 1 cf @ 35 hz per sub (vented)
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