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Anyone have suggestions for tweeters with an outer diameter of 45mm or less and a total height < 25mm? Lots of 25mm tweeters out there but they all seem to be 55mm+ OD.

I have an 09 Subaru and i'd like to hide the tweeters in the factory sail panels by the side view mirrors. So I'm limited in my choices because of space. I bought a set of C720PRS components for the mids and was hoping I could squeeze the tweeters in but no luck.

Will be run active and would like to keep the price under $200, new or used. Could push $300 if it's really needed but cheaper is better! Musical tastes include just about everything, rock, rap, classical, blues, jazz, etc. My last set of components were a set of RS-Audio Pro 165s and I loved those tweeters.

System so far:

Pioneer P800PRS HU
C720PRS Mids
Image Dynamics IDQ10 V3 (Maybe a Koda 10 if I can find one)
TRU B-475 AD for the front stage
Alpine MRV-T707 for the sub

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