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Hey. Quick question. Alternative to Draconia, since they're off the market? There may be a new 4x100 coming from Zed but no idea when. I love the Gladius and would buy a Draconia to match it if they were available.
Looking for something around 4x100 to run the front stage. Is there anything out there in that price range with that build quality?

I sold my last car but kept some of the better stuff I had in it. I'm buying another car, probably a Golf V or a GDB WRX. I want to build a new 2-way active plus sub system in it, around the following:

Zed Gladius
Phaze Audio MW-64

I think I will use the Gladius on an IDQ12 in 1.5ft3 ported 26hz as I had good experience with IDQ subs so far. Willing to consider alternates though.

Deck will probably be P880, CDA-9887 or.... ideas? I haven't looked at what's on the market for a couple of years.
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