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Due to limited space in a truck, I purchased two 6.5 Memphis mini mojos. They run ah 700 RMS

I ordered a 1000 CT sounds mono block amp, but a 1500 watt CT sounds mono block came in that’s runs 1500 at 14.4v

Would it be safe to run at 1ohm with these mojos or send it back in for the 1000 watt.
Heard good things about Memphis and CT, but I also don’t want to blow them.

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I can’t comment on your amp, but the mini mojo 6.5 don’t handle as much power rms as claimed based on my experience. More like 350 watts rms and you can easily tell when they are maxed out. Go to YouTube and you can find a test that someone did on the mojo minis to see how much power they can take before they reach their max.

I love the way that they sound and are impressive for a 6.5 inch sub. I have both the 6.5 and 8 and am going to be est the 8 out in the spring.
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